Urban wildlife- Keeping a racoon as a pet

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This article is about Urban wildlife- Keeping a racoon as a pet

Urban wildlife- Keeping a racoon as a pet

Most of us are used to more conventional pets than anything and this may be due simply to how simple these are to look after. Most of us will go for a cat or dog because of habit, others still may go for a few fish to minimise how much time you have to spend looking after them. However, we should remember that having animals in our lives can bring a lot to us. Animals all come with their personality and can truly bring new dimensions to those of us who lead monotonous life, as many of us do. It's also a good idea to consider not only what animal can give us, but what we can give them, in an environment that may not be what they're used to, but that can provide and protect them from anything that can harm them. This is especially true in cities where urban wildlife may suffer, and for some, it is our job to consider their safety. One of the animals you may choose to take in is a racoon and we will now consider what it means and what your involvement may do to them.

Racoons are bright and intelligent animals well adapted to living in built up areas. They are often attracted to water and so you'll often find them, if not beside rivers, underneath buildings and sheds where it is damp and they are more comfortable. Although racoons have been labelled negatively by those who do understand their habits, they have extremely dextrous hands and thus may cause a mess in their bid to simply stay alive by obtaining food. They have very particular markings and so you will be able to identify them rather rapidly.

In terms of habit, they are described as being as intelligent as cats or dogs and have excellent memory in regards to finding safety and ensuring they obtain the best food possible. They are however opportunistic in behaviour and will get food whatever way they can. Also, be careful when meeting wild racoons as if you threaten them, they may become violent and attack you or other pets you may keep.

Offering food to wildlife is usually frowned upon. The primary fear is that animals learn from experience and that for many, particularly those living in urban areas, animals may lose their initial fear to humans. Although this should make them more liable to attack, the animals in turn may become not careful enough and in turn become hurt. However, if you do wish to feed them, you must be careful as although they are not violent creatures by nature, you may cause them more harm in the long run.

It is a personal choice when deciding which pet you wish to have. For some, racoons may be what they want. However, you must consider the sort of racoon you have where you live and you are heavily advised to search what your local authority's state on rule and regulations. It is also worth having a look on local wildlife sites and even speaking to professionals for further guidance and to ensure you do not put yourself or your local urban wildlife, at risk.


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