Use Your Fear for Victory

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the first lesson for becoming strong is to keep on surviving. If you can survive, you can become strong too through bearing difficulties of life. Yes, difficulties, of course. Don’t escape the difficulties if you want to be strong, but face it.

What is a Fear

An uncertainty of consequence of an action by the person is fear. It is thus caused by ignorance of the person about what is going to happen if he/she moves forward. A fear makes the person more alert than his/her usual being, and thus is beneficial to him/her as far as his/her performance at that moment is concerned.
Since, uncertainties are always there in a person's life, fears of uncertainties can not be avoided, therefore need be handled wisely. The best way to handle a fearful situation is to try to estimate the consequence based on his/her knowledge and experience. After understanding the possible consequences, the person must prepare him/herself to tackle the difficulties on the way and facing the results boldly.
As in business, there is no possibility of profit without taking a risk, so is in life, there can be no progress without overcoming fears of uncertainties.

What is Being Afraid

When a fear overpowers the person's mentality, he/she is said to be afraid of the situation. This is indicative of mental state of the person that he/she has accepted defeat in the face of the uncertainty ahead. A mentally defeated person can not win over the situation. So being afraid is paralytic to the person's spirit and courage of facing the situation.
A person gets afraid out of fear of uncertainty of consequence of his/her action without understanding reality of the situation. In case he/she were to know the reality there might not be any possibility of an adverse outcome. What is the most probable outcome is existence of some difficulties on the way which could always be overcome.
Being afraid is as bad as moving ahead without estimating the difficulties on the way and getting prepared to overcome them with the difference that being afraid is a negative attitude while moving ahead without due understanding and preparedness is indicative of overconfidence of the person, yet a positive attitude.
In ancient Indian wisdom, even the mightiest of our ancestors Shiva got defeated for being afraid of Kali as a dangerous personality while she was indeed very friendly to him and belonging to the same family of lords of that time.

Overcoming Fears

As aforesaid, fears emanate from being uncertain about the future outcome, so their elimination lies in overcoming the uncertainty by thoroughly analyzing and estimating the outcome of the prospective action. This may result into any of the three possibilities about the desired results -
• The desired result is un-achievable,
• It is achievable but with difficulties, or
• It is easily achievable.
With there is the first conclusion, the proposed action must be dropped without getting defeated in the mission, therefore, all fears of the consequences get eliminated. The second conclusion of the study leads one to get prepared to overcome difficulties ahead and thus improving chances of victory over the difficulties and achieving better results. This too eliminates unfathomable fears about the outcome and encourages the person to go ahead with the mission. The third conclusion eliminates all fears in the most natural way and the person moves ahead with enthusiasm and high in spirits.
Thus, it is the fear that helps in eliminating itself through study of the situation and getting a victory in the mission ahead. It is much better than having no fear and no study of the situation and just going ahead with uncertainty in mind and without getting prepared for overcoming difficulties on the way.

Generalized Extension

A generalized extension of the title statement is 'What does not Kill you, Strengthens you'
Poor persons often have more robust bodies tolerant to adverse climatic conditions, hard work and even unhygienic food, than those of the rich persons. Even their children living in filthy conditions, eating dirty foods, living without proper clothing, and many for not having even proper shelters to save themselves from peak climatic conditions of low and high temperatures, rains, etc. become tolerant to adverse conditions which children of the rich families can’t live without falling sick. It is for the reason of their mindsets and bodies becoming accustomed to such situations and get prepared to tolerate these. Thus, the adverse conditions make them stronger than they would have been under comfortable conditions of living. Only thing essential for their becoming tolerant and survival is that the adversity should not be able to kill them. From such observations, we derive the axiom ‘what does not kill you, makes you stronger’.
So, the first lesson for becoming strong is to keep on surviving. If you can survive, you can become strong too through bearing difficulties of life. Yes, difficulties, of course. Don’t escape the difficulties if you want to be strong, but face it.


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author avatar brendamarie
6th Jul 2015 (#)

Great article, I had to share it with the that I know.

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
6th Jul 2015 (#)

A great reading moment To start the week!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
6th Jul 2015 (#)

Good reminders that we forget when we face uncertainties. I face them with a take - have a goal but accept the results of actions in good grace. Maybe, what we get is better than what we had wanted.

Thanks Ram for this uplifting post - siva

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author avatar Ram Bansal
6th Jul 2015 (#)

@brendamarie, SaigonDelManila, Sivaramakrishna A, for your gracious comments and concurrence of my views on fear.

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