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If you're looking to attract more readers to your pages, then Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites are a great way to spread the word.

First up, Twitter

If you already do a lot of tweeting on Twitter then hopefully you'll already be letting your followers know about your Wikinut pages.

For the uninitiated, it likely you've heard of Twitter but aren't quite sure how it works. Luckily for you, it's actually dead simple. You open an account for free, and then you can write messages of 140 characters or less which can be read by anybody who chooses to follow you.

Take a look at our Twitter page for some examples.

You can write as many messages as you like, be that 1 a month or 1 per minute. You can also choose to follow other people, which means you'll receive updates when they write a new message.

All sounds easy? That's because it is, and largely why Twitter is so popular.

Tweets, retweets and messages

To understand why Twiitter can be such a powerful promotional tool, let's take a look at some of the features you can add to your messages - which are known as tweets.

Firstly, you can embed links - this means you could send a tweet each time you write a new page. So for example, I might tweet:

Using Twitter to promote my page!

You might notice that I've used a shortened version of the Wikinut address - this is a great way of saving space in your messages. Read more on our guide to short URLs.

Ok, so now I've sent a tweet, my readers will see it. But to get massive audiences, retweets are the steroids of the Twitter world. A retweet is simply one of your readers choosing to forward your message onto all their readers.

Imagines the potential if you have 100 followers, and 5 of them retweet your message to each of their 100 followers... suddenly, 600 people in total have seen your update. If yet more people retweet, the audience can grow to huge numbers.

The last Twitter feature I'll talk about (although there are many more) is the public message. If you wanted to send a message to our Wikinut Twitter account, you first find our Twitter username - which is simply "wikinut" (it's the end bit of

Then just write your message, but start it with "@username", so for example:

@wikinut Loving your work baby!

This message would then arrive at our Twitter account. So just substitute the @username with that of the person you want to contact.

Message are therefore a neat way of getting the attention of somebody who you think may be particularly interested in what you have to say, but aren't yet following you.

And now my friends, Facebook

Facebook, at the time of writing, is behind only China and India in terms of population. That means it has colossal promotional potential and an easy way to let your friends know about your Wikinut work.

Whenever you write a new page, why not update your Facebook status to tell your friends about it? At the top of your profile page, just fill in a quick message and then use the Link option (right-most of the 4 icon options) to add the URL of your Wikinut page.

Facebook will then automatically pull back an image, the page title and some text. You may even get the choice of a few images to pick.

Once you're happy, just hit share and all your Facebook friends will get to hear about your work. Simple, and very effective.


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