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For the last decade or so many businesses have been using video for online marketing. Lets have a look at why.

Using Video For Online Marketing - Will It Work?

Webmasters who are using video for online marketing are not only promoting a product but also driving traffic towards their websites. This is very important as any website is dead in the water without basic traffic. This article will cover a few ways on using video for online marketing that I have had relative success with.

First of all, how many of you out there have heard the phrase 'using video in marketing increases conversions'. I have many, many times and it gets me a bit. I can't help but feel that I'm cheating if I concentrate on conversions. At the end of the day if your website is a labor of love the conversions will come naturally ( and will be a very welcome bonus ).

When using video for online marketing try and think outside the box. If you can implement topics you love into the video experience and still create a 'hook' for your website you are onto a winner. I'm sure you've all hard of that 'Gangam Style' YouTube video that went completely viral. Imagine if you had managed to drop a website link into that video description.The traffic would of been off the planet.

Now, I'm not saying you should be making use irrelevant topics when using video for online marketing. I'm just saying that if you can find some video that is humorous and related to your website you could well be onto a winner.

Many businesses know that they want to use video, but they don't have an idea about what kind of video to use. There are a lot of traditional types of marketing videos to use online. I first started out using bullet point videos - sort of a power point presentation. These videos do work and I definitely saw a rise in traffic to my site through the videos. It's just that they are limited at times and they do feel a little impersonal.

I found that when using video for online marketing it's a really good idea to use a 'how to' video related to a subject. Most Google searches start off with the 'how to' phrase. Just type in those two words into the search bar and leave a space at the end - watch how many options Google Instant throws at you. Now type in a letter instead of the space at the end - again, a lot more new queries. It stands to reason that using 'how to' in the title of your online videos will help you rank.

Using video for online marketing will also help get visitors to your site. In my book visitors are a lot more important. Once you have visitors it is much more natural to let them decide if they want to use or purchase something form your site.


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