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Tags sounds complex, but are actually very simple to understand and use. Here we show you how to add tags to your pages, and give examples of how to choose tags.

How tags work

Tags are just words and phrases that describe your page. On a published page you'll see them below the main content, just above the author details. For this page you can see they include words such as Tags, Help, Editor and so on.

They help in 2 ways. First, by clicking on a tag link you'll see a list of all pages with that tag. This means people browsing for a topic can see groups of pages with the same themes even if those pages live in different Wikinut categories. Second, the Wikinut search engine looks at tags when returning relevant pages for readers.

So you can see how tags make it easier for us to categorise your pages, and for readers to find them.

How to add tags to your pages

You'll see the Page tags area in the editor immediately below the Page title. To add a tag to your page just type the tag into this area. To add multiple tags, you seperate them with commas.

So the tags for this page are entered into the box as follows:
Editor, Guide, Help, Tags, Wikinut, Tagging

We offer a tag suggestion system, which you see as soon as you start typing. Basically, as you begin entering the letters Wikinut offers a list of possible tags below. If one of these matches the tag you're thinking of there's no need to finish typing, just click on the word. If your word or phrase is not in the, just keep typing.

There's no need to use the suggestor, it's just there for your convenience.


Editor, Guide, Help, Tagging, Tags

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