Vampires Throughout the Ages

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Many people are obsessed with vampires and there are cults such as the goth cult and television series such as Twilight that populate our teen culture these days.


The North American Culture is obsessed with Dracula, so much so that Hollywood movies made throughout cimematography history, the twilight series is smashing success , and vampire cults are springing up all over the place. There is also two medical conditions, porphyria and Renfield's Syndrome also known as clinical vampirism that may have had some basis behind the vampire myths. In this series we will examine the vampire myths and also the medical conditions associated with these types of blood disorders.

Vampire Legends and Recent Archeological Findings

Vampire Legends and Recent Archeological Findings

The history of Vampires is steeped in folklore. What most people do not know is that vampire lore is not restricted to Transylvania in Romania. Stories predating even these legends of vampires were found in ancient Mesopotamia, ancient Greece, ancient Hebrew culture, ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome.

The two main characteristics of the modern day vampires as we know from Eastern European folklore is blood sucking and the creatures ability to transcend death. The theme of the "undead" adds to the horror of the vampire nonhuman identity. Depending upon the culture vampires could be dark and hooded, pale, have long talons, or fanged teeth and so on. Furthermore how the vampire came into being also varies with cultures,

In European history we know to be bitten by a vampire is how to become one (remember the Dracula Hollywood movies). In Chinese folklore, if an animal jumped over a corpse it was feared that it would become the "Undead". Other cultures believed that burying a corpse upside down would create a vampire.

How to defeat of a vampire

How to defeat of a vampire

Garlic wards off the Eastern European vampire. The vampire Hollywood movies also showed that holding a mirror up to the vampire who would not have a reflection would hold it back. This theme was also taken from European folklore.

To destroy it completely, we could drive a stake through its heart if we could open the coffin it slept in before it awoke at night to prowl the earth for fresh blood. The crucifix and holy water would also scare a vampire away

Some cultures severed the tendons of the knees of the corpses to prevent them from rising. Others believed that placing millet and poppy seeds at the grave site would serve the same purpose. Burying a corpse with a scythe, and sickle or placing them close to the grave would prevent demons from entering the body. In the Balkans, the legend has it that pouring boiling water over the grave would incinerate a vampire; drowning or shooting a vampire would yield the same results..

Vampires throughout the ages

Vampires through the ages

Vampires were first talked about in Mesopotamia in 5,000 B.C with the Lilitu. The theme of blood sucking is wrapped around the notion of sucking the life-blood out of someone or something. Many believe this concept goes hand in had with cannibalism.

Around 2000 B.C. a tomb of a vampire was constructed in Egypt.

When we enter the modern era we have reference of vampires in the Bible. In the year 31 A.D. Jesus was said to have healed five vampires at Capernaum.

In the year 140, Rome was said to have a vampire Emperor, Longinus

In 1047, Upir the wicked vampire makes his appearance, as a Russian Prince

In 1096 during the Crusades, vampires are expelled from Jerusalem.

1196, William of Newburgh wrote the chronicles about vampires in England.

By 1428 we have Vlad The Impaler and the Dracula stories in Romania circulate.

1484 -The Malleus Maleficarum (the witch hunter's bible) contained passages about vampires .

1530 - "Italian scientist Ludovico Fatinelli is burned at the stake for suggesting a biological cause for vampirism in his "Treatise on Vampires"

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