Various Musical Instruments

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Here are some various musical instruments information for students and music enthusiasts. Learning one of these instruments is a truly fun skill which can be shared to others.

Various Musical Instruments

Here are brief information on various instruments:


The Marimba is a popular folk instrument in Central America which is similar to the xylophone except that its tone has been prolonged and deepened by resonators which build up and enrich the tones.

View modern Marimaba from YAMAHA Website


Included in woodwind instruments consisting of a pipe with lateral holes and blown directly, without a reed. The Chinese, Japanese, and Hindus all claim it from time immemorial, so as the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans.

Types of modern flutes are :

Bass Flute in C

Alto Flute in G

Tenor Flute

Concert Flute in C

Soprano Flute in E Flat

Treble Flute in G


Vibraphone ( also called vibraharp or vibes) is a percussion instrument played in mallets held in both hands shaped like a xylophone. It was invented in 1990 and became one of the major jazz instrument used by popular bands.

Hawaiian Guitar

Also commonly called the “steel guitar”, the distinctive sound is created by strumming the metal strings with a metal pick in one hand while at the same time the other hand change the pitch of the strings with a metal bar.


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