Ventriloquism: An Ancient Art Employed By Local Fraudsters

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Ventriloquism is the art of speaking in such a way that the projected sound seems to originate elsewhere, as from a hand-manipulated dummy, puppet or mask.

Ventriloquism: An Ancient Art Employed By Local Fraudsters

This skill has its roots in the ancient religious rites, where the operators modify their voices through slow exhalation while speaking. In order to confuse and convince the listeners, the operators minimize the movement of their tongues and lips, and maintain an impassive facial expression so as to focus the listeners’ attention on the illusory source of the sound. Pressure on the vocal cords and the muscles of the throat are used in combination to modify the sound of the ventriloquist's voice.
All over the civilized world ventriloquists are highly popular in vaudeville acts and are still seen on variety and children's shows on televisions. Children get excited when they see dummies talk and most of the programs that appeal to them has to do with ventriloquism. One of the most popular American ventriloquists was Edgar Bergen, who in the mid-1900s became known for his comedy act with the impudent bespectacled dummy known as Charlie McCarthy.
Ventriloquism is an ancient art practiced in most of the ancient African traditions and cults. Most African cults and traditions represent their gods in the form of masks. These gods are being celebrated on their individual festival days. In order to make the people believe the masks are real and living gods, they are made to speak through ventriloquism. Most of the masks are being worn by human ventriloquists, who speak under the masks and masquerade as gods.
Apart from the practice of ventriloquism in theatre arts and the African traditional cults, the art has been handy to fraudsters in the sub Saharan African continent. In recent times fraudsters deceive their preys through the art of ventriloquism. Most African societies believe in spiritism activities like consulting the dead through a necromancer. Many fraudsters, taking the advantage of the people’s trust in the necromancer, are using the art of ventriloquism to deceive the people into believing that the spirits of the dead are speaking. This is how it works: the fraudsters lay a big hollow pipe underground from a distance into a mask or an image in the consulting shrine of the fraudsters who claim to be necromancers. A ventriloquist will speak from the outside end of the pipe and it will echo out through the exit of the hollow pipe in the mask or image in the fraudsters consulting shrine. Meanwhile, the victim will be made to believe that truly the spirits are really talking.


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20th Jul 2012 (#)

Very interesting article! As a ventriloquist I can give you 100% marks to this article! Thanks a lot!

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