Video Game Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Action Adventure Nintendo 3DS

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Full action packed video game having ghosts in mansions. Luigi is set to battle these and recover the Dark Moon. It also has multiplayer mode and you may play with your friends online.

Nintendo action game

Sequel to Luigi’s adventure this video game Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is a video game published by Nintendo for Nintendo 3DS. In this edition of the game, they have added multiplayer mode allowing players to play online using the Nintendo Network. The main character is Luigi and he is equipped with a Poltergust 5000, a powerful vacuum cleaner that can do magical things, including capturing ghosts. Luigi also has a torch, and with the Strobulb attached, he can stun ghosts so they become easy to capture.

Ghosts and the Professor

The game is set in Evershade Valley that has five mansions haunted by ghosts. These ghosts are normally peaceful but one day the Dark Moon that keeps them peaceful shatters to pieces. The ghosts become violent trapping Professor E. Gadd who was studying them in his lab bunker.

Luigi comes to the help

This is where Luigi comes into the act. Professor E. Gadd to summons him through his pixelator while he is sitting at home, watching the television. Though reluctant to confront the ghosts, Luigi agrees to the mission. His primary mission is to find the pieces of the dark moon hidden in some corner of each mansion. The second thing he has to do is to capture the ghosts. He does this using his flashlight and the Poltergust 5000.

Use the Poltergust 5000

This Poltergust 5000 has amazing powers. It will suck up curtains, reach into corners and pick up coins, not to mention ghosts. You may even use the blower function to keep the fan spinning. Luigi has a Dark Light device that helps to reveal hidden illusions. Every portion of the mansion has doors some locked and some unlocked. By touching the screen, the player will see the entire mansion.

Solving the puzzles

There are puzzles some of which help unlock doors and others that are useful for the mission. Luigi’s duty is to solve them and find the piece of the moon that lies hidden there. Some ghosts wear protective gear against the Strobulb and Luigi must trick them to trap them.

Luigi can operate many items like the switches and handles with his Poltergust 5000 but certain things remain hidden. Luigi has to find them using Dark Light device.

Multiplayer mode for game

In Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon game you have a ScareScraper multiplayer mode. In this mode, four players can participate in the game and each has a Luigi of a different color. They choose different mansions and explore different floors either alone or in combined mode. There is time limit for each mission. In addition, if ghosts attack Luigi he can collapse if he does not have enough strength. The ending turns a bit melodramatic with the villain revealed at the final bend as they recover the last piece. It is King Boo and he has trapped Luigi’s brother Mario in a painting.

In the last battle, Luigi once again wins over King Boo and sets the Dark Moon back in its place in the sky. They set the ghosts free finally and Luigi along with the Professor and all the Toads rejoice.

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5th Jun 2014 (#)

am not a video game player but love to comment on your great pages...

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6th Jun 2014 (#)

trust me there is more game than pages but it is nice to have a friend around.

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author avatar snerfu
6th Jun 2014 (#)

trust me there is more game than pages but it is nice to have a friend around.

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