WILD CONVERSATION: The Secret of Animal Communication

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Communication has been the basis for human existence as well as animals in their habitat. It is the information we sent and the feedback we received that constitute communication. In the animal kingdom it is important as well. The following article tells more on this.

Communication in its Wild Stage

One of the precious gift nature have endowed on us is the ability and potentials of communication. This is the means by which we pass and received information both formally and informally. Communication has been one of the basic right enshrined in the tenets of human right and freedom of speech is a widely contested issue throughout the world.

Sometimes, some have assumed that communication is only the preserves of humans, but then research have proved this wrong. Even animals do communicate in intricate styles and manners that do baffle humans. Animals "speak" not with words, but through visual signals such as wagging tails,twitching tails,or flapping wings. Other forms of communication may involve the use of voice, such as bark, a roar, a snarl, or the song of a bird.

Some of the languages are obvious to humans, while others require much scientific study to detect. Animals communicate at different times depending on the happenings or incidents at that particular time. During time to eat, time of danger, finding a partner, and during a quiet time. Some animals specializes in making as much noise as possible while searching for food. For instance hyenas will grunt, snort and giggle while running after prey, but once the kill is made, other hyenas will be invited to the kill by the hyenas infamous laugh.

Elephant in their habitat exhibit feelings found in very few animals, they rumble, roar, bellows, bark and snorts whenever they communicate. Sometimes their communication contains component that are below the level of human hearing and yet are so powerful that they can be heard by an elephant several kilometers away.

Experts in animal behavior have continued to be amazed and puzzled by the intricate ways in which elephants convey serious messages. Elephant have a bond that is peculiar to their survival, this is exhibited in their sense of humor to one another.

Among the bees, the search for food is a complicated ritual. Scientific studies have reveal that by dancing, a honey bee informs others in the hive of the location, type, and even the quality of the food found, by carrying sample of food substances, such as nectar or pollen, back to the other bees in the hive, and at the same time displaying a figure eight dance that will direct others to the food source and the distance it covers.

The roar of a lion during a quiet night have several reasons, some feel that it is a warning signal to other animals that he is within the territory and that they should keep clear. Others feel since the lion is a social cat his roar is to keep in touch with other members of his pride. Some of this roar if consistent is to attract an answer from a cousin if he is in the territory and will finally result in their meeting. Such contact not only enhance good relationship, but also offer protection against hash weather element.

A hen will offer several vocalizations that convey different messages to her chicks The most distinct is the long low purring sound made in the evening indicating that she has come home to roost.

Have you ever been stopped in your track by the melody of a songbird? Perhaps, you may be fascinated in the way they sing their notes, Yet, entertaining you is not the utmost priority of their song. Their song are methods of passing important messages. Their song is used in a large to attract potential mates.

Sometimes however it takes more than just a good song to win a partner. Some female birds require that a "bride price" be paid before they are won over by a male. This is why a male weaver bird will have to demonstrate his nest-building skills before making further moves. Other male species will prove their ability to provide by literary feeding the female.

The intricate ways in which animals communicate not only serve their physical need but also reduce fights and promotes peace in the wild as well as giving praises to God the creator.


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