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A lot of people are claiming that they have Psychic Abilities. But the question is " ARE THEY LEGITIMATE PSYCHICS or just SELF-PROCLAIMED ONE? "

Psychics or Schizopreniacs?

Every people all over the world has an active 30% ESP in their brain but what makes Psychics different from the others is the adept abilities. It does not matter whatever abilities it is. It takes a process to know that you are one, to really attest that you are gifted more than a normal average person around you. Nowadays, a lot of people are claiming that they have psychic abilities. Amazing, right? But the real question is: ARE THEY LEGITIMATE PSYCHICS or they are just SELF-PROCLAIMING it?
Now, let us differentiate it from the usual Paranoia case-terms. Any psychics like people with schizoprenia case undergo the same stage.

Hearing Voices
Seeing things

In both instances, both person experience this things. That is why, a lot of people have the wrong impression when someone they know are doing this. Or worse, be tagged or considered using drugs. For those who really have the abilities. There are things to consider first before going deeper.
Know yourself, assess what you’re going true. Who you really are? Why is this happening to you? What triggered this to happen? Is it just your fascination to the unknown that makes you think that you are one of them?
Discern about the idea and how the people around you will see it. See the reaction that could be painted on their faces. Anticipate the worst. some of them might be amazed, some might just shrug off their shoulder, some might avoid be seen with you.
Face the borderline in front of you. Should you accept it or just let it pass. Accepting it means having that first step and take the turn of your life.
Laying out your purpose. How it would benefit you and the around you? What is your purpose in doing so.
Know your host and the path that you will take.

And it does not end to this. You need to learn a lot before you can enter the real battle ground, as what other psychic metaphorically say. I do not criticize people that says that they are psychics, knowledgeable enough, or adept. But it takes a lot of years to know that this is true. Sometimes, it is just your intuition; sometimes, it is just plain coincidence. Well, a lot might contradict this idea. Most of all, those that are practicing it now or might be proclaiming that they are one. But a lot will agree that it took them years of self-assessment/knowing thy self and uniting with their higher self; experiences and honing their abilities, even the self-confessed “inborn ones” before they can say that they really have it. Even in Paranormal/Spiritual path, we still need proofs to say that this is legit. Whether you start it off with the ability to read people regardless of the method you are adept with. Seek others who have it but mind you NEVER EASILY FLAUNT THAT YOU KNOW THIS OR YOU KNOW THAT. Let them see it. Never walk on high hopes that you are really one. Not to mention that it is dangerous because not all people you will meet walks in the righteous path, some practices in the other path. Adept ones can see right through you, they can have a quick scan about you by just merely looking at you. Do not stop there, see another one. Like asking for a second opinion from a doctor.

The “PARA-World” or PARANORMAL WORLD is a very dangerous field and not made of Child plays concept. It is like Science branching out in a lot of direction and a lot of people had been misled by the “POWER Within” and the Hunger to possess one. From Sensationalism; Commercialism up to the Self-Gratification. Name it and you can encounter a lot of people in the field doing this. Psychics are Humans too, you know.
And if i may be too blunt to say so, this is not a contagious disease that you can be infected with, in case, you tag along with people who are psychics. So, never assume that you are one of them but anticipate that you CAN learn from them. I have met a lot of them of psychics, some consider it a blessing and some consider it a curse. And mind you, not all people who have been seen in the television are LEGITIMATE ONES. Could not claim that some investigations are scripted but it could be tailored according to what the TARGETED MARKET really needs. But some of them are really LEGITIMATE INVESTIGATIONS, DONE BY LEGITIMATE PSYCHICS.
If a lot of manifestation shows and pointed to the direction that you are really gifted, it is up to you if you will pursue it or not but whatever decision it might lead you to. Be responsible enough to face it. After all, you are the only person that has to deal with it in the end.

Read more: http://socyberty.com/psychology/psychics-or-schizoprenic/#ixzz2nJcZGN7Q


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