Wall Decor Is More Than Just Wall Paper And Paint

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Imagination is the key to upgrading wall design features.

Think Outside The Box

When it comes to updating the look of our homes we tend to travel the path of least resistance, especially in the area of wall decor. All too frequently we rely on the old standards of wall paper and paint when we should allow our creative juices to flow freely to make a more attractive impact on our personal living space. The decorative tools available are limitless and require no real skill in home decorating more than a reasonable eye for color, depth and texture.

In essence we should view wall decor in a similar fashion to building a layered space that incorporates a number of attractive components that capture the imagination and present a focal point of interest. Yes, it does begin with the application of paint or wall paper but don't stop there - use one or more of these decorating tools to really give your home interior some "pop".

Wall Art

A few pieces of well placed wall art can be all that is necessary to give wall decor the boost it needs to make a unique statement. A few basic rules here are to make certain the size of the wall art matches the size of the wall in good proportion and that the colors used in the art compliment the base color of the room in question. "Starving Artist" auctions are a wonderful way to get nice wall art on the cheap and often times the purchases come along with some nifty frames as well. Sconces, candles, sculptures and mosaics are all very useful and very inexpensive ways to elevate the quality of your wall decor.

Wall Clocks

In most locations you can purchase an inexpensive wall clock for well under $100 that is quite fashionable and is worth a million dollars in adding to the overall wall decor. The neat thing about adding a wall clock is that they come in all shapes, sizes and styles so finding one that is just perfect is a pretty simple task - especially if you shop online.

Wall Murals and Wall Decals

When we tend to think of using a wall mural in wall decor we envision a talented individual creating a lovely mural using brush and paint from scratch. While this can be true, in today's world wall murals can be sent your way via mail service and then peeled and stuck into place in a matter of minutes. The same goes for the less artful but still useful wall decals - the key here is determining if you want to go more high or low-brow in your design features.

Wall Pictures

A few well positioned wall pictures are another good way to help out that bare canvas you call your wall. Most of us possess tons of photos of family and loved ones that have accumulated over the years so why not put a few into pretty frames and use them to your best advantage?

The bottom line to improving wall decor is to think before you take action in formulating a plan to incorporate all of these excellent wall decor tools to maximize the overall appeal. It is also prudent to consider that too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing very quickly, and when it comes to wall decor there's a fine line between the right application and design overkill.


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