Want a pet nobody you know has? Try a Chinese Fire Bellied Newt

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Are you eager to get a pet but don't want something everybody has like a cat or dog? There are always pets out there that are pets but not mammals. How about an amphibian? They make an unusual pet, and you have a pet.

A pet other than a cat or dog

Are you looking for an unusual pet that isn't your everyday dog or cat? How about you get an aquarium and don't put fish in it. Instead, put a Chinese fire bellied newt in it. This newt is caught in China by the hundreds of thousands each year, and they export those newts. Some end up in the United States where I reside.

Should not only look for this newt at pet store

It is not always best to get this pet at a pet store. You should first look for a breeder of one near you. If there are none, then you should look for a few days in the classified sections of the newspaper for somebody giving one away or selling it. Ask your friends if they know somebody is giving away or possibly selling one.

The reason for this is that China exports them, and the trip causes some of them stress that causes them to get sick. Another reason is some pet stores are only operating for the money and may not properly take care of them. Ones to avoid in a pet shop is one where there are more than the one in a tank. (a 20-gallon tank filled with water 3/4 of the way to the top holds four to six properly,) The water should be spring water or tap water that you have de-chlorinated. Add some place where you put some driftwood (ones with no sharp parts) or anything else you can find in your research. (You should do more than read this article before you get this newt as a pet.) An another sign is an overtly skinny newt, one with one or more limbs
missing. Or a newt that appears to have a fungus or if it is in a tank of newts that one is dead. These are all newts you should not buy.

Why are these newts called fire bellies

The reason they have such bright bellies thus their name is that they are warning other animals that are bigger than them. (Keeping in mind a healthy adult is only two to four inches in size) The bright orange belly gives off tetrodotoxin toxins out and an animal if they ate the whole newt would chances die. The newt should not be touched or anything in its aquarium without wearing gloves then when done wash your hands off thoroughly with soap and water so you don;t spread the toxins throughout the house. It also prevents you from getting what these newts can carry that is called salmonella like other amphibians carry. A healthy adult will probably get vomiting and diarrhea, but salmonella can kill a kid and those that are elderly. Salmonella can kill an adult if they have their immune system is compromised.,

The aquarium should not be heated, and the temperature should be anywhere from 58-68 degrees (14-20 degrees Celsius ). If they have it any warmer it will cause them to be stressed and when stressed they can get sick, usually a bacterial infection.





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Are you a witch??? Heard that they do Eye of Newt and Brain of toad with jelly of bones and shit load. Well you know the spells.

Damn, whats happening with Wikinut, you have shaman, a medicine girl aka witch, Stupid Rose, SINwriter and what not. Satan's Fury too not to mention.

This site is getting haunted by the day. Wiccanut now I guess as Princess Shanna or whatever came with Burning of witches or whatever.
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Oh, did I tell you I read many others too and have seen the way many writers from here tortured Lady Aiyanna when she was writing here and even on Facebook because reads and writes instantly.

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