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Do you have straight hair that will not go curly? Don't worry, I have the perfect answer that will make your hair curly.

Curl with a twirl.

Is your hair straight and boring? Are you just dying to get those perfect curls in your hair? I have some ways for you to try this out.
No matter what, curling shampoo's and conditioners do not work, maybe if you pay like 100 bucks for it, then it might work but those cheaps one you find everywhere will not work. These methods are perfect for anything, grad, night out, a special date or even just a walk around at home day.

As you see in the picture, one day I tried, I just wanted some small curls at the end so I platted 4 small plats.

Curling with pins.

So here is one way that you can curl your hair, if you have a ton of bobbin pins, I mean the ones you put in your hair of course. All you need is your fingers and bobbin pins.

Here are the steps:
1. Take a shower, when you get out do not brush or dry your hair in any way.
2. Sit down in front of the mirror with your bobbin pins.
3. Now what you do is you take a piece of your hair and you twirl it, you can take a big amount for bigger curls, or a little piece for small curls. After you twirl it, you put it up with the bobbin pin and that’s it, do this with all of your hair. If you have a curling spray you can spray it on but no need if you don’t.
4. When your hair is dry, take the bobbin pins out, flip your hair over and put lots of mouse in it.
5. DONE, you will look stunning.


If you want simple waves in your hair, this is also possible. All you need is your fingers and some elastic bands.

Here are the steps:
1. After the shower, you plat your hair. You can do it in 4 pieces or 2, but 4 of them might make it more crepe then waves. So your let’s say you plat them in 2, Make sure you plat from the top of your head, if you want all of your hair wavy.
2. Now wait till your hair is dry.
3. Apply hair spray when done.
4. Curly hair completed.

Not straight, not curly.

If you hair is a mix of straight and curly, then you can also get curly hair.

Here are the steps:
1. Take a shower, do not brush your hair.
2. Flip your hair over and apply mouse in separate sections.
3. Wait till it dries and done.

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