Watering tomato plants correctly is the key to raising tomato plants successfully

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Watering tomato plants correctly is the most important skill a tomato grower should develop.

Rationale: Why should tomato plants be watered effectively

Tomato plants, like other plants, need elements and care for them to grow, develop, mature and bear fruits. Nature provides for them such elements as the sunlight, air, moisture and the rain. From the soil, they anchor their roots firmly to gather food elements for growth and development. But, unlike grass and weeds which thrive abundantly everywhere, tomato plants need man's loving and tender care. They need the gardener's help and attention in times of harsh condition such as typhoon, flood, drought, and attack of pest and disease. They do require organic fertilizer when planted in poor soil.

Effective way of watering tomato plants should be mastered

Watering tomato plants effectively is a vital process in the life cycle of the plants. It's a skill that must be mastered by home growers. If not, according to expert, the trial and error method will produce no good result. Pests and diseases may attack the plants, resulting in few and unwanted fruits.
To repeat, correct watering of tomato plants is crucial if you expect an abundant harvest. Effective watering of the plants needs mastery by home gardeners.
How often do you water your tomatoes? It depends on location, but do share your experience:

  • Twice a day
  • Once a day
  • Alternate days
  • Twice a week
  • Once a week

Proven tips on watering tomato plants effectively

1) Pour water slowly so that the water has a chance to seep through and reach the roots.
One of the simplest yet most important rules on effective watering of tomato plants is watering slowly. Don’t just empty buckets of water on the soil surrounding the plants, instead, use a drip pipe or any other form of drip irrigation to ensure that the plants receive enough water at a right pace. If plants are potted, just sprinkle enough water on the soil to wet it a few times a day.

2) Water tomatoes regularly.
There’s no hard and fast rules when it comes to regular watering of tomato plants. The amount of water depends on various factors right from the soil type to the weather conditions. When the soil is dry, water the plant so that the soil is just wet and never let excess water stay over soil. Mostly, you would just need to water the plants on alternate days; however, in some places you would even need to water them a couple times during a single day. However, during the colder seasons you may notice the soil remains moist and hence you could further reduce the amount of water to maybe twice a week or so.

3) You need to water tomato plants at the roots.
This simply mean don’t water the plants from above; instead, pour the water directly on the soil near the stem of the plant. Watering tomatoes from the top has many disadvantages – firstly, it encourages pests and diseases, the water present on the leaves could burn the plant when the sun comes up. This is true for any plant and not just tomatoes.

4) Mulching.
Mulching drastically reduces the need of watering tomato plants as it prevents rapid evaporation of moisture from the soil. The best way to do this is by adding an organic layer of mulch either dry leaves, hay or even coconut husks over the top soil around the stem of the tomato plants. Mulching has dual properties – it prevents rapid evaporation of water and at the same time provides nutrients for plant growth through the decay of organic matter.

5) Watering with rain water instead of tap water.
If you’ve got a good rain water harvesting system set up at home, one that keeps the collected water fresh for months on end by preventing the entry of sunlight; then, that would be just awesome as watering tomatoes with rain water is much better than using tap water especially in places where hard water is available.

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