Ways to preventive maintenance for a more hospitable home

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One of the best assets to have is house ownership. It is a lifetime choice that is hard to take out, the older and the more its renovated, the more its value. A few ideas show many ways of housekeeping that turns a house into a home.

Ways to preventive maintenance for a more hospitable home

Preventative maintenance

a. Leaking faucet – Common problems arise from the gasket, broken PVC pipe, low quality marine cement and inefficient Teflon application.
• Ask someone to turn off gate valve.
• Replace protruding pipe with steel pipe and connect it to faucet. Cover joint with high quality Teflon and cover with water-resistant cement.
• Turn gate valve and set at low pressure and see if the connection can handle. If everything is ok, turn gate valve at full setting.

b. Overflowing box culvert and drainage– Check drainage for accumulated debris which can cause overflows. If the drainage or box culvert overflows, excess water may come out of a bathroom and kitchen sink since they are all connected. Always clean drainage filter to prevent overflowing and keep it from free of gravel, small to medium stones from accumulating.

c. Corroded and broken gutter and sidings – Partial rusted parts call for partial replacement with galvanized aluminum. Make sure to paint the replacement with primer paint and roof grade acrylic paint. Keep gutters and sidings free of leaves, wood and stone debris.

d. High temperature house interior – Insulate ceiling with PVC based plastic foam coated with aluminum reflector. This helps in reflecting radiant heat from reaching inside home interiors.

Pest control

a. Mosquitoes thrive mostly on canals and undisturbed pots, abandoned empty paint cans, bottles, plant leaves, concrete surface dents, rooftops and gutters. Empty these potential breeding sites or place with used oil to deprive wrigglers with oxygen.
• Purchase mosquito control traps namely – Bug zapper which electrocutes flying insects, UV lamps with high voltage electrodes that can toast any blood thirsty mosquito.

b. Rats – Deny them with a food source by observing segregation and waste management.

• Remove food debris such as rice grains, fish flakes, bones, fruit pieces that accumulates inside drainage where rats can thrive and feast.
• Station motion triggered trap cage where rat frequents. This has been proven effective and can outwit even the most cunning mice.
• Place small portion of food skewered into hook connected to motion triggered door.
• Prepare poisoned food mix placed at roof sides, ceilings, behind doorways, staircase and kitchen sinks. Avoid touching food because rats are smell sensitive and can detect even the slightest human odor.

C. Roach infested wooden wall – Cockroach thrive in dark and narrow areas. Statistics show that for every single roach seen, a thousand more are unseen. Their favorite hangouts are crevices where their thin and slithering body can force inside. Replace wooden wall with solid concrete, but makes sure that they are smoothen and free from cracks or crevices.


Invest in remodeling services needed. Deciding on house renovation requires a significant budget range that may start from a few hundreds of dollars to thousands. In this situation, planning plays a role in keeping expenses low and renovation focused on what calls for renovation and not. For instance, the capital city of Canada, Ottawa, is one of the popular destinations in real estate and housing renovation. Numerous renovators there have different specialties. Some have expertise in flooring, gate installation, roofing, painting and planning. They are also known as Ottawa home renovations, construction services in Ottawa, Ottawa home improvement, and construction renovators in Ottawa. Home construction in Ottawa starts with planning where an owner and contractor can set together and decide what they will change, remove or modify.Refer below for selecting the best home contractor:

• Research the company for customer feedback, years of operation, specialty, pricing and location through internet.
• Check associations and groups. They have websites that can give information about their home contractor members. E.g http://niagarahomebuildersassociation.ca/,- shows community discussions and renovator company membership and www.chba.ca which represents the Canadian residential construction industry. Additionally, www.constructioncanada.com/ provides a database of companies, construction supplies, and engineering and design professionals.

• When finished, discuss with the renovator the quote, pricing, duration, areas of construction and improvement.


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