We, as human beings are as happy as we make up our minds to be.

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Living in the now is the winning way to live, sure. Although it is good to be prepared to an extent in future oriented ways. We are about as happy as we make up our minds to be, now.

Living in the reality of now, instead of the fantasy of the future or fearing the past

We are all about as happy and satisfied with it all as we make up our minds to be, now. Sure, that is quite a statement, but, that is a honestly true reality in life. I mean we can fear the future, and have bad or good fantasies about what the past was like. Indeed, the now is always where it is at anyway we look at the future or the past. Skipping the now anyway is like being afraid of a shadow or an imaginary monster waiting to eat your dinner that you cooked that evening. No matter how it is looked at, the present is always where we will be, have been and are.

Happiness in the past is always idealized, and the future is a genuine unknown except for some ideas we may have about it. But, in reality, there is not any other ideal place to live than now. Humorously I can say and ask: What do you think George Lucas and the Star Wars creative team really meant by the future is "a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away" anyway? All Star Wars really teaches as a whole, I think, is that the point of power is the present with all its failures, lessons, triumphs and understanding even if it is put into a futuristic context in the past. In short, either way it goes, conscious realities are universally present all the time, problems, triumphs and all.

Thinking about solutions and problems, it is my opinion that everything, even death is ultimately solvable. After all, there are not any pedagogical or teaching infinities, or nothing would ultimately be mastered or understood fully. Without a doubt, all strength comes from understanding what is being done, attempted and what works.

There is a reason nobody loves a loser, even the losers themselves do not.

Living in the concrete past, or a fantasy future too much creates a genuine loser. No matter how it is looked at, everybody naturally wants to win. Especially those who think that they "do not want to" succeed. Everybody wants to win, even the lazy person who "does not want to put out the effort to win", I find. Success is natural, permanent failure is not natural. Sure, there is always many attempts and a little temporary failure before success at times, but permanent failure is not natural, and its opposite permanent success is natural.


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29th Dec 2015 (#)

Interesting post. Yes, our thoughts really do matter.

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