We can be a better person

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This is a guide on how to improve our self and turn into a better person and a good one.

We can be a better person

Do you know how to be a better person?
This doesn't to be perfect. This only means to be a better one, to be better from you before. All things you've done before even if it is good or not, it will never change. All you have to do is doing not repeat those regretful things you've done before.
In order to be the better you, first, you should know yourself better. This means better knowing someone else, know you first. Second, think carefully all things you've done before that didn't have a good result. Third, now what you need to think is all the good things that have good result, even your parents and sisters proud of you. After thinking all of this, you should learn from all of it. Don't repeat or don't do again all mistakes you've done before. Talk to yourself and tell repeatedly that you will be better and better one, that you can be better one.
You don't need to be perfect in the eyes of anyone else, all you need is to be better for yourself and make your family proud of you. If you are not a good daughter or son, you can be now. Start with yourself because you are the only one who can change and improve the real you. Don't waste time. You don't have to be perfect; you need to be a better person. Avoid doing things that will hurt you, your family, and friends and love one.
A better person knows what is right and what is wrong. Observe with yourself. Times will come and you can be good at everything, start learning from your mistakes and start improving all you are good at. Deal with life with positive attitude to avoid attracting negative one. The most important thing to consider is you know yourself inside and outside. Don’t let other people manipulate you, stand out from them and be a good person. Who you are, what you are and what other people sees you is really depend on yourself, on your own. You are the one making yourself. You can be a better person or a worst one. It is your choice. You can develop yourself into a better one or you can let yourself down. We, people can be a better person if we really know our self. We need to know what is our weaknesses and all our strength. People can change. We can be a better one.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
10th Oct 2013 (#)

Nice and interesting post!

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author avatar tz
25th Oct 2013 (#)

we don't have the choice to be perfect, we can only get better and better and better....

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author avatar ladyfoxxy
28th Oct 2013 (#)

Thank you for reading my article.

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