We should love and be kind to our animals companions

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We find animals everywhere around us. This is world of animals. Scientists tell us that man is a higher animal, the monkey being his next junior. They even tell us that man descended from the animal and the animals habits are still strong in man. Animals are dumb companions. There is very reason why we should love and be kind to our animals companions.

The cat protects our kitchen from the rats

The cow, the goat and the buffalo are like our mother because they give us milk, the most valuable of our foods. The dog guards our home and is said to be the most grateful of all domestic animals. The cat protects our kitchen from the rats. The fowls give us eggs. From very old time, man has learn to live with the help of animals. In India the farmer cannot cultivate his fields without the help of animals.

While we are kind to animals we should show equal kindness to birds.

The cattle give him manure and the oxen draw his polugh. The goat and the sheep give him manure for his fields. There are stories of dogs who have died in the act of protecting the homes of their masters. The dog will never forget his master. If you take him to a new home he will return to his old master. The mongoose, the deer and the wild cat are some of the wild animals which can be domesticated. The tiger, the fox, the wolf and the lion are some of the animals kept by circus people or in zoos scientists say that even the tiger and the lion are not cruel to man. They attack men only out of fear and for self protection. There are stories of wolves and bears carrying away children and bringing them up. The monkey and the ape can be taught to ride a bicycle or to drive a car.
While we are kind to animals we should show equal kindness to birds. Wild life is necessary and we should preserve it. The pigeons used to carry messages for kings in the olden days. Even now they can be trained as messengers. If we are kind to birds and animals they will be more friendly to us than before.

We should love animals.

Now the government tries to protect animals and birds. Wild animals are protected in game sanctuaries and no one is allowed to kill them there. The government does not allow even ordinary bird shooting. If we kill wild life, certain birds and animals will disappear from the world and we have to see them only in pictures. Indeed it is our duty to protect our dumb companions. We should love animals.

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20th Mar 2013 (#)

such a lovely piece! yes we must look after animals that are weaker than us! :)

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
20th Mar 2013 (#)

Mahatma Gandhi said the true greatness of a nation, society and their moral progress can be judged by how they treat the less fortunate and our fellow travelers like animals and birds. Good post, Rukmini - siva

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author avatar Aats fiz
14th Jan 2014 (#)

Animals r our best friends . We r also animal species so be kind towards animals

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author avatar Aaa
14th Jan 2014 (#)


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