Wearing REMIND can help minimize kids death in Boiling Cars

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A forgetful husband or wife should not be made to transport a baby alone by himself in a car.

Kids death in boiling cars continue

Despite repeated public warnings, and caution by private blogs and study about unnecessary loss of kids life in boiling cars, still horrifying reports of the same tragedy continue to hug the limelight.

Bulleted accounts of kids grisly death in hot cars

  • A 22-month-old boy was found dead in a hot car Thursday, May 14, 2015, at Kyneton, 100km north-west of Melbourne, with temperature 31 degrees (dailymail.co.uk/)
  • Ekurhuleni EMS spokesperson William Ntladi reported through eNCA that five children may have entered by themselves a parked car in Springs, Gauteng, Johannesburg on Monday and locked themselves in; 2 of the kids died from the heat while 3 survived. The temperature in the area was found to have exceeded 30 degreesC (News24, Oct. 27, 2014)
  • As reported in The Mirror, dated June 21, 2014, a 9-year old baby girl of Rockledge, Florida, died after being left for 2 hours inside a boiling hot car while her father went to work. Her father, Stephen Lillie, 31, was charged with aggravated manslaughter. The temperature outside was 22°C/72°F, while the temperature inside a car in the crime area can reach 47°C/117°F within 60 minutes, the report said.

Kid and Cars' BE SAFE

For the sake and love of children, allow me to reprint or quote in toto except the numbering which I have added for obvious reason and Tip No. 7. Kids and Cars sums up their suggestions with the acronym BE SAFE:

  1. Back seat: Put something in the back seat whenever you strap a child in, so you have to open the back door, or at least turn around to find that item, when you get out of the car. Your handbag or briefcase, cellphone or employee badge.
  2. Every child should be correctly restrained in the back seat.
  3. Stuffed animal: Keep a brightly colored one in the car seat when your child isn’t there. Then move it from the car seat to the front seat after you strap your child in, to remind you when your baby is in the back seat.
  4. Ask your baby sitter or child-care provider to call you within 10 minutes if your child hasn't arrived on time.
  5. Focus on driving: Avoid cellphone calls and text-messaging while driving.
  6. Every time you park your vehicle -- every single time -- open the back door to make sure no one has been left behind.
  7. Remind is short for “Radomes Emergency Minder,” which is a tag line to remind driver of the kid strapped to the back seat Made from any nylon or plastic material, one end of this tiny piece of rope, with a ringing bell “Baby” when moved or shake is attached to the driver’s belt holder, and the other end to the baby’s strapped. Authorities should always require drivers to wear REMIND during motion so that they’ll be reminded of the kid at the rear when they alight. The acronym formerly “Be Safe” would now read “Be Safer.”


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  • Heatstroke death of kids in boiling cars in the US/ health.wikinut.com
  • Safety Around Vehicles | Spot the Tot is a Safe Kids activity helping illustrate the need for safety around vehicles. It helps drivers realize how dificult it is to see children ...www.safekidsoregon.org

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author avatar Legend
24th May 2015 (#)

The accidents are horrible! i totally support your motion!

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28th May 2015 (#)

Sad situations indeed. Great article ~ N.C. Thanks for sharing. Blessings.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
1st Jun 2015 (#)

Very alarming situation with kids, elders and animals too, great post Pare!

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