Website Traffic Services - They Can Be Beneficial or Harmful Depends How You Use It!

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This article will talk about using website traffic services and discuss how they can help you or be harmful as well.

Website Traffic Services

Lets face it when you own a website and have products or services you wish to sell one of your main objectives is to receive quality traffic to your site. I have written a previous article on how the promotional methods are constantly changing and some webmasters come out with some short term tricks to obtain traffic. Although some of these methods can work very well, they are usually short lived.

What I now see many webmasters using is a technique that has been around for a bit where their site has pop ups where they get paid per click.When you go to click off the pop up, you are just redirected to another page and may have to click at least 5 times to get rid of these annoying pop ups! Keep in mind they have just gotten paid for all those clicks. Although they will generate a nice pay per click income, they will eventually become banned from that company and maybe even the search engines. So is this method really worth it? I let you answer that yourself.

I would like to talk about some of the services I see on the internet below and give my opinion on them. Keep in mind this article is for people like me and you. If we were a very large company, we would just go to a highly professional company and spend around $10,000 per month to be on top of all the search engines. Although we can find ways to receive high rankings to fit our budget depending on what we are selling and how high our competition is.


Of course we all know that Google is probably one of the best places to advertise and receive some targeted traffic to your site.Although it can become costly I did mention in a previous article to try to use keywords with medium to low bid prices. This will still help you get traffic and help your budget stretch a little bit longer. There are also many google adwords coupons you can get online where you get a $100.00 credit if you spend $25.00 in advertising. So this would be a great start for you.

There is one other thing I would like to mention about Google Adwords. When you go into your Google Adwords account and start an advertising campaign there is a feature called site links. This is where you can create your ad and add approximately 4 more web pages from your site! Your add will stick out more on the search engines and you will have a greater chance for a sale because they can check out your additional products, which count as One Click. And guess what? This additional option is FREE except for the normal click.

Using Facebook

I think using FaceBook is a great way for you to gain popularity with your new or already established website! The search engines score and rank websites higher with many websites that have a considerable amount of FaceBook likes.

You can also receive more targeted traffic from them with the products or services you sell using their paid advertising feature. You can also design your own professional looking page to offer your products/services, share your thoughts and much more. If you need help designing a page(s) you can contact FaceBook to have them create one for you at a set fee.

There are also some other good companies available on the internet to help you with page designing as well.

Purchasing FaceBook Likes

I have mentioned this in a previous article so I wanted to briefly talk about this just in case some of you haven't read it.

As of now, I haven't purchased any FaceBook likes for my websites but I can have an open opinion for some of you who are considering it. I just wanted to point out one thing below in case you do.

When you purchase FaceBook likes for your website, make sure the company also includes them on your FaceBook page as well. Why? Because if you purchased, lets say 1,000 likes for your website and have only 5 on your FaceBook webpage, this will bring up a red flag. It may also with the search engines too! So it's wise to check with the seller before you make your purchase.

What Not To Do Using FaceBook

Many companies offer a service where you can purchase FaceBook likes. You can purchase anywhere from fifty to thousands or as many as you would like. This seems to be an excellent idea because as I mentioned the more social websites you have linked to your website, the higher rank you will receive with the search engines. Especially having FaceBook likes.

So seems like a great idea right? Not really and would you like to know why? Lets discuss this a little bit further. Okay so you purchase your FaceBook likes with no problem and in time they become linked to your website as the search engines re-crawl your site. But here is where your problem will come in and we'll use an example below:

Your website will shows visitors that you have 1,000 FaceBook likes, but then when a visitor visits your FaceBook page it shows that you have 20 likes.

What happens most of the times when you purchase these website page likes, they are not added to your FaceBook page! This will be a red flag to your visitor. In time the search engines will catch this,remove your backlinks and maybe even penalize you further. You then also lost the money you had paid for your page likes.

Me personally, I am deciding which one of my many sites I want to make my main site and will create a custom FaceBook page or pay to have it done. I would then like to just earn my likes the natural way.

But if you decide that you wish to purchase FaceBook likes, check with the company first to see that the page likes on your website are also posted on your FaceBook page.

Because I'm not stating that all companies do not apply the likes to both pages. I would have no right to say this if there are companies who in fact do credit the likes on both pages. If they do and this method works for you, then that's great!

Backlinks and Backlink Software

Most webmasters know that having backlinks to their website moves a website higher with the search engines and are considered a very important factor when using search engine optimization programs. But some people think the more backlinks they have the higher up they will move up in rank and that answer is NO! It's not about the quantity of the backlinks, but the quality which means that they must be relevant to your website. I used a backlink submitter program once which stated that it would send relevant backlinks to my website and the program linked me with every other category except my websites. What a mistake! Using this program actually lowered my rankings enormously.

Backlink Programs in General

I think that some backlink programs are out there and if used properly they can be beneficial to your rankings. But what happens sometimes is that webmasters want to set the program to speed up the backlink process to give them something like 10,000 backlinks in one day! I think the backlink program would work good if you set it to submit 3-4 articles per hour and let the program just run. This amount would simulate more realistically a humans activity when manually posting/submitting articles.

By doing mass amounts of backlink submissions at a time eventually you will get caught. The consequences would be a considerable drop in rank with the search engines and maybe even permanently banned!

So I think that a backlink software program can be good or bad, it just depends on who's using it!

Robotic Website Traffic

I speak with many people I know who are into website design and promoting and they tell me that they knowingly use robotic website traffic for some of their websites. Of course they know that no sales will amount from this, but they tell me that they are experimenting with this concept and see an increase in rank on some of the search engines. A few haven't been doing this for too long so I'm curious to find out what happens then when the search engine robots reindex Their sites.

The logic of these webmasters think that in time they will gain a much higher ranking with the search engines and then gain organic traffic!

I'm curious to see what other people think about on this theory, so please feel free to comment on this.

My opinion is to earn your ranking by doing things the right way buy using reputable traffic as it fits your budget, keep updating your site, do some social site comments the old school way, Etc. Then in time things will come naturally and keep getting better because if you knowingly make any bad calls, you may never recover from your mistakes!
Thanks for reading my article!


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