Weird Facts about Butterflies

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Aren't butterflies cute and pretty? I love watching butterflies in my garden. The result of my research on butterflies or the flutterby is the collection of these weird anf fun facts about butterflies.

Butterflies and weird facts

Butterflies are one of the most beautiful and colorful species among birds. All of us know how butterfly forms. Yes…they come from pupa. Do you know some fun facts about butterflies? I hope you would like it. Here are some weird or fun facts about butterflies.

1.We taste with our tongue. Do you know how butterflies taste? They use their feet to taste. Sounds interesting, rite?

2.There is a group of butterflies called the night butterflies. To avoid being attacked by bats, their wings have ears on them.

3.How many colors can you identify? I know your answer would be I can identify all colors, but butterflies are capable of identifying only three colors. They are red, green, and yellow.

4.How butterfly was originally called as? Flutterby.

5.If the body temperature of the butterfly goes below 86 degrees, they cannot fly.

6.We eat with our mouth, but butterflies don’t have mouth. How do they eat then? They have proboscis, which looks a long straw using this, they suck nectar.

7.A species of moth called the atlas moth is said to be the largest among silk moths. Sometimes you may even mistake them as a small-sized bat.

8.All of us know butterflies have lots of color in their wings and we are fascinated to see them. If you have been thinking that this color is due to pigments, it is time to change your opinion. They have transparent wings. When light is passed through these wings, light gets reflected and you see many colors in their wings.

9.Butterflies generally suck nectar from flowers that have single petal and are in colors like red, purple, yellow, and pink.

10.Female Queen Alexandra butterflies are the largest butterflies as the size of their wing is nearly 26 cm. Their native is Papua New Guinea.

Hope you enjoyed these weird facts about butterflies.


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author avatar Euphonos
28th Jun 2010 (#)

interesting...good work...keep it up..

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author avatar drelayaraja
28th Jun 2010 (#)

Very interesting facts...

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author avatar Jerry Walch
28th Jun 2010 (#)

Some very interesting ans unusual facts in this article.

Good work.

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author avatar rajaryanme
30th Jun 2010 (#)

I didn't know about butterflies. Thanks for sharing the knowledge.

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author avatar valli
30th Jun 2010 (#)

Fascinating facts.

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author avatar Humza
24th Jan 2011 (#)

another interesting one!
If u add one or two pictures as well in the sections u make, am sure it will give your article a more attractive look!
thnx for the share, pleasure reading it

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author avatar Humza
24th Jan 2011 (#)

the mystery behind their attractive beautiful colours is the best fact and beautiful as well

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