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When you feel everything is "going damn well down the tubes", and when you feel "there is not any hope", I can only give you the advice Viktor Frankl gave everyone in his books, essentially for starters: We should not expect anything of life, but life does expect things out of us that we must fulfill through our efforts however they may be. With that, I start this article and in this article, I explain myself fully.

The advice I gave in the summary, I meant it, but here is the catch:

So many suicides and homicides are committed because expectations were not met by life or people do not feel equal to the realities of life. Well, I simply and seriously say this: There is nothing we "need" to live up to except what we genuinely want to live up to, all the rest is just empty. The real tragedy is that most people think they need to live up to something they do not want to live up to, but "need" to live up to. I see this tragedy on television news programs, especially "Dateline NBC", "CBS 48 Hours" and most local news murders and car chases. The reality we really do need to live up to though is our own that we make for ourselves and nothing else, the "other guy or gal" really does not matter, it is what is in the mirror that does matter. Our own reality.

Sure, I did not mince words or start out real nice in the first paragraph, I told you what you needed to hear first, because I feel in my heart and soul, which is what genuinely counts to me, what is most important to help you wake up to the reality of living up to your own expectations as I live up to my own genuinely as God and the Devil are within us and not outside of us.

The words may not seemingly be well-organized, but the meaning is there if you are willing to listen, think and really feel them to your own advantage.

When it is outside of yourself, and not inside, hope is genuinely for suckers. That is what I understand genuinely. Hope and faith are inside, personal jobs. They are not something injected in by outer money or values, outer power, romantic sex or any of it. Self-esteem comes from a choice we make within ourselves to love ourselves. I have nothing against money, value, power or love as long as it is on the right basis by the way. So, indeed, we should not expect anything of life, but we can make the choice to give to live our best and ultimately reap our best out of what we sew.

Digging the well of depth, that was just the shallow part in the above section

One of the last things my sister told me vocally before she died of AIDS was that "Life is as good as we make it." I totally agreed with that, and just as she was getting her life together and starting to make sense, I could say things like "she was taken from me and I am bitter", and I could genuinely get depressed about it and all of that mess. But, I look at it differently though, and not badly. I take the quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln to heart: "We are as happy as we make up our minds to be" on that note, because reality always works if we let it, even if there are tests before it really does work "like we want it to work", the bigger the test, the greater the ultimate reward is the way I personally look at it. After all, I definitely know there is an after life where energy and consciousness go on, I do not care what anyone tells me, I only care what I genuinely understand. That may or may not be a flaw, but you only get what you get and little else can prove it to you. Indeed, I have made up my mind to be open to the idea that no unreal concepts exist or Napoleon Hill's: "What the mind of man can conceive, it can achieve." But my little variation is "What the mind of anyone can conceive it can ultimately be achieved." I will just say that I get the "big picture". The "little picture" is for those who are closed minded and "cannot handle it". Suicide and homicide are for losers anyhow. Irrational escape is for the weak.

When Viktor Frankl was in the concentration camp and surviving, I admit that was rational escape. But this business of suicide, homicide, conning people and playing games to "get out of it", that is all irrational escape. I do not understand that reality comes down to nothing, everything ultimately has a genuine purpose. My personal view is that, there is nothing to live up to except for our own expectations within us. What do you think Ayn Rand is always writing about bitterly and honestly anyway although jaded with anger at incompetence at times? She is writing about this universal reality. The real villain of the piece then is genuinely living through others and the heroes are the ones who live up to themselves rationally. So, think about this:

When I read Champion Kurt Teutsch's book and met with him a few times at his Century City "Theme Tower" offices, including at the restaurant Mezzaluna before it closed down about twenty years ago after the O.J. Simpson murders "made it famous"; I wanted to so bad to think that consciousness was static and not dynamic and controllable, and "nothing could be done except die or live at the whim of circumstance good or bad", and if they were bad, "how unfortunate". If they were good, "how fortunate". No, we are as happy or sad as we make up our minds to be I understand no matter what. The real loss is when we fully depend on the outer to "make us happy" without looking within at all. I leave you room to think about what I have said here, I may or may not add sections, but consider this: As it is in your hands, it is in my hands. That line I adapted from Uell Stanley Andersen's "Success-Cybernetics".


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