Werewolf Mythology and Silver

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This Half-man half-wolf bloodthirsty monster seems to be afraid of nothing at all! Then why is it scared of silver?


Werewolves are normal humans who shapeshift into deadly half-man half-wolf creatures on full-moon nights. Ever since we we can remember, we have been hearing stories of bloodthirsty werewolves and their terror. They seem to be afraid of nothing, not even guns and cannons. Then why are these demonic being allergic to silver? Perhaps just like that or perhaps not. There must be some specific reason behind this. Let us try to find it out.

Werewolves and Silver

Wow! Look at that howling hungry wild beast! Doesn't it look fearsome? Het seems to be afraid of nothing. Even bullets can't pierce through its skin. He will just eat up anyone who dares come in his way. However, this huge brute is not as deadly as he seems after all. Why? Because he is allergic to silver. From times unknown, silver has been considered to be the only effective weapon against werewolves, except for of course beheading the werewolf. Have you ever wondered why? Perhaps because, since ancient times, silver has been valued for its antibiotic properties. Silver is used as a medicine when doctors use silver nitrate drops to cure blindness, a wrapper for food items and water used to be stored in silver containers by the ancient Greek to prevent dysentery, even silver foil dressing was worn in earlier ages. Silver is really an indispensable metal. Since lycanthropy is considered to be a disease which spreads on biting, a metal with medicinal properties is the best remedy for it. And it is the perfect way to enhance the tension in the story- an ugly big brute which can't be killed by bullets can be brought into control by a silver sword or bullet. So, this very useful metal finds its use even in mythical folklore because of its medicinal properties.Isn't that interesting? Well it is. So the next time you visit a place known to be a werewolf hideout, remember to carry silver bullets, swords, or other silver weapons he werewolf and ammunitions with you. This way, you can avoid being werewolf snack! If you can come up with comments regarding other reasons for the use of silver in werewolf mythology, you are welcome.
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