Werewolves- A Scientific Approach to this urban age myth

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Since we were small children, we have heard of werewolf folklore, how they transform into hungry beasts on a full moon night and kill people at will. We have often wondered how these stories have come along or what is the truth behind them. This article will help you know what these werewolves are in real life- in other words the logical explanation of werewolves.

A rational Explanation to Lycanthropy- Clinical Lycanthropy

Ever since we can remember, werewolves or lycans have been an unforgettable part of our folklore. There are many who claim to be real werewolves who turn into bloodthirsty wolves on full-moon nights. But can there be a logical explanation for these so called 'werewolves'? The answer is yes. These people are not total bluffings after all. There is a psychiatric disorder named lycanthropy in which the patients can really experience themselves turning into strange and even mythical creatures. It does not necessarily have to be a werewolf. It can be a bird, a tiger, a giraffe or any other real or mythological being. The person is not a liar. For he is really experiencing these changes happening within his body. Of Course he does not physically transform into a monster, but he behaves like one.This 'transformation' can be stimulated on visualising something like the moon, etc. Thus, he considers himself to be a real werewolf. Perhaps this can be a rational explanation of this strange phenomenon.


Hypertrichosis is a disease that leads to excessive hair growth making the victim look like a werewolf. These people are not at all harmful or evil. They are just victims of the werewolf syndrome which causes them to grow excess hair and look life werewolves.
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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
14th Apr 2013 (#)

The werewolves are reflection of your inner beng, if you choose it, it relicates on your physical anatomy in its true form minus the spirits associated to it. Its all about the life you lead that manifests in your being.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
14th Apr 2013 (#)

Rational and useful explanation, Lucifer, thanks - siva

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author avatar Zg00geeleeg00gz
29th Sep 2014 (#)

Fascinating! This reminds me of a documentary I saw when I was really young (about 7 to 8) where a woman would always see herself in the mirror as a wolf.

Does the same thing apply to a hallucination or delusional state due to oneirophrenia (psychotic state from sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation or psychedelic substances), starvation, dehydration, stress or the REM sleep state in which one undergoes transformation?

The creature I turn into is often one that was an imaginary friend of mine as a child, and who I still have to this day. I notice it occurs when I am overcoming a traumatic issue and is a sign that I am stronger than I take for granted, given the times I go through the "transformation".

I asked a dream interpreter and she said it's because I feel "alien"ated or that I don't belong, that I am actually very strong willed and that the dream, as well as the "transformation" is showing me "there is a happier you in there" deep down.

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