Westlife: Bestselling International Act in the Philippines

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It is very rare for a foreign act to have a diamond record certification in the Philippines. In fact, the first and only is Westlife which has two diamond certified albums in the country - their self-titled debut album which achieved Double Diamond status (25x platinum) and their sophomore album “Coast to Coast" that reached Diamond (or 14x platinum). Taylor Swift’s second album “Fearless” came in third. She achieved multi-platinum certification (9x) after almost a decade since Westlife.

Two Westlife albums are Diamond

Two years after Westlife debut album reached the Philippines it sold almost 500,000 copies. “Coast to Coast” on the other hand sold 280,000 units in less than 5 months of being available in the market.

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PARI Certifications

PARI (Philippine Association of the Record Industry) certifications in the Philippines for International albums require lesser sales figures than locally produced albums.

Before 2003, albums from foreign artists needed to sell 10,000 units to achieve gold, 20,000 for platinum and 200,000 for diamond. From 2003 to October 2008, it was changed to 7,500 units for gold, 15,000 for platinum and 150, 000 for diamond. Further changes took effect from November 2008 to March 2009 when the standard was downgraded to 6,250 for gold, 12,500 platinum and 125,000 diamond.

Based on the current standards, an international album which sells 5,000 is already gold, 10,000 is platinum and 100,000 is diamond.

Jose Mari Chan is on top the list

The Chinese-Filipino singer/songwriter Jose Mari Chan has the two bestselling Filipino albums of all time - his holiday album "Christmas in Our Hearts" and his 6th studio album "Constant Change" that contained most of his biggest hits.

Philippine Inquirer

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