What´s Christmas after all?

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My tips to have an enjoyable Christmas without breaking the bank account.

What´s Christmas after all?

This is it! What´s Christmas after all? Whether practising Catholics or not, it´s Christianity celebrations. However, what is it really?
Is it shopping till drop dead?
Is it eating to burst out?
Is it drinking till blind drunk?
Is it craving for things that we can´t afford?
Is it getting sad or depressed, because one´s on its own to celebrate?
If one can´t afford to buy presents for all, here is the invisible man that brings them for all.
We wish to have a good meal on Christmas Day with our loved ones, but does it have to be "the bird" with all the trimmings year in and year out? The price of this "bird" might as well have gone sky high and we won´t probably be able to buy it nor all the trimmings. However, there´re loads of recipes that can make a delicous meal at an affordable price to enjoy with relatives or friends. After all, this is what matters; an enjoyable diner in good and joyous harmony.
I´m not on the non-alcoholic side and I do love a good wine with meals and to toast for the better. Here moderation with drink is key.
If one´s on its own to celebrate, there´s no reason to be sad or depressed. Chances could be that there´s someone nearby in the same situation.Invite them to lunch!
The whole of the family to reunite on Christmas Day have to get together on any day. All of them will write their name on a piece of paper and they´ll put it with the rest in a box. Then, someone will stir them and everyone will pick one of them with a name written on it. If one´s says granny´s name, it´ll be granny to whom one will have to buy a present on Christmas Day. Should anyone get a piece of paper bearing its own name on a first round, everybody will put the papers back in the box to start all over again.
In this way, everyone will have a present on Christmas Day. Good fun is guarantied.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
7th Nov 2013 (#)

Sometimes it gets too stressful, it should not be so stressful.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
7th Nov 2013 (#)

You said Vickyclass, its teh most stressful and bank breaking! After January to work to work to pay off our debts

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author avatar vickylass
7th Nov 2013 (#)

Well, it shouldn´t a stressful time nor should we break our bank account, craving for things that we can´t afford. Are we forgetting that the best things in life are free or almost?

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