What Are Bee's Good For

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It's about the blooms poloinized so we have get fruit and flowers.
Bee's are one of the most necessary insects we have, with out them there wouled be no fruit or flowers.

Are they really necessary

The bee is a very controversial insect, not only that but he is a very necessary insect. They can also be pesky especially if you are stepping on their dandelion that they want to get the nectar from, they can be very possessive. I hope you realize that they don’t want to sting you, because if they do they die.

Bee’s are very necessary in agriculture and in our yard, just stop and think if the bee was not there to polonaise your rose bushes , and lilac trees you would have no flowers. Very few trees and scrubs are self polonising. This is why the orchardist has to rent many hives of bees to polonaise the blooms on his apple trees.

At least one hive per acre is required to get good coverage from the bees, so they can do an adequate job of fertilizing the bloom, so you can have a good crop. This is the same for any tree crop and nuts are included it that count. A bee keeper friend of mine once told me his schedule.

He would start in the spring of the year and transport all of his hives to southern California, because that’s where the trees started to bloom first. In California they have all kinds of nuts almonds, walnuts both black and English, pecans, the nuts bloom the earliest, then the citrus fruit lemons, grapefruit, limes and oranges.

Bee at work

Then he moves on up the valley to Sacramento area, and to Marysville and Yuba City and that is where the soft fruit like peaches, nectarines and apricots are grown. He finishes up his season by having his bees pollinate the apples and plums and other crops in the Idaho area.

When he is all done with the farmers he takes the bees to the mountains to feast on the wild flowers there. So you can see the bee is a very important little insect, and if he wants to have his privacy, let’s let him.

There is another type of bee that is very important to agriculture; it is called the leaf cutter bee. That is because they cut little round circles out of a leaf and use it to build their nest. Unlike the honey bee they have a long slim body so they can get into the flower on the alfalfa plant , which is very small then it will make seed which is a good cash crop for the farmer. To accommodate them the farmer makes what we call bee boards, for them to live in, he sets them out in the field so they can work the crop and build their nest as well.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
23rd Sep 2012 (#)

Bees are very important to the survival of humans and other animals, they pollinate so many plants. Sadly bee populations are at risk, some studies suggest that GMO crops are causing problems for honeybees.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
23rd Sep 2012 (#)

Let us realize how much we depend on each other; nature nurtures us so we do likewise for nature too. Thanks for the educational share - siva

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