What Are The Best Worms For Bait Fishing?

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The best worms for bait fishing are the ones suited to a particular species.

It's All About Size

Fishing is an activity that requires close attention to details if any hope of success is going to be achieved, and selecting the best worms for bait fishing is an important component in landing the big ones. While there is no single type of fishing worm that is perfect for all fishing applications, there is usually one type that stands out as the best when fishing for a specific species of fish. In every instance, it is imperative that when fishing with worms that they be bought and kept in a lively condition as their movement when wiggling in the water is a large part of what makes them attractive as a bait. Worms that are purchased in poor condition can be dead before ever arriving at a fishing spot, and are basically useless for bait fishing.

The best worms for bait fishing for Bass and Catfish are common night crawlers, placed securely on a hook with a length of the worm extended from the hook. When bait casting with a night crawler Bass will rarely pass up the opportunity to attack, and the worms are a staple of those who enjoy Bass fishing everywhere. When used to bottom fish, night crawlers are outstanding in catching Catfish that scour the water's bottom in search of food. As the night crawler wiggles in the muddy bottom of a lake or river it draws attention to itself, and Catfish are quick to pounce on them.

The best worms for bait fishing when going after any kind of trout are meal worms and red worms. This is because trout are quite easy frightened, and a small worm such as a red worm or meal worm is smaller and offers a less violent movement in the water that is more attractive to the trout. Because trout are so very careful of what they eat, red or meal worms are the best worms for bait fishing for trout in that they can be used well to disguise the presence of the fishing hook. Red worms and meal worms are also the best worms for bait fishing for smaller pan fish such as bluegills, crappie and perch because these fish have smaller mouths and cannot accept excessively large bait with consistent success.

In the final analysis, the best worms for bait fishing are the ones that are best suited to the species of fish a sportsman is going after. If the type and size of the worm is matched to the size of the fish and it's mouth opening, success is certain to follow.


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