What Are You Waiting For?

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We all have have dreams and we all daydream. We sometimes spend so much thinking that we lose tract of one very important thing.

What? Wait no more. Grab yourself some coffee, a chair and park yourself on the floor. I don't want you to get too too comfortable here.

Good Morning Everybody ....

I've got a secret to tell you all. I'm telling you now, you might not like it. As a matter of fact you might wish you could ram your hand through the screen and wring my neck. BUT what I'm about to tell you is the truth.

Ok first, get some coffee and make yourself comfortable ...

You ready? Here goes ...

You already know the big secret and you'll think about it a second and you'll admit to have known it all along ...

You're a wishful thinker.


Don't feel bad! You're not alone

Honestly I thinking that most people are wishful thinkers. I've daydreamed and imagine aspects of my life and fantasized how great life will be when I get there.

It is such BULL! Yet I kept feeding myself that bull over and over again!

The truth in this is simple. I did nothing to get to where I wanted to be. Not a single freakin thing. Days passed, years rolled by me and I was too big a chicken doodoo to get out of my comfort zone and give this dream of mine a shot.

Action .. or lack thereof ...

No action mean no results. Clear enough right? It's only part of the problem.so don't get up yet.

Results of actions bring confidence, self respect, and the obvious ... results.

Confidence knowing that you took the bull by the horns which gives you a sense of progress and in return gives you a sense of motivation. Self respect because you're actually getting it done instead of sitting on your arse watching TV or daydreaming some more. Results because results lead to happiness.Accomplishments bring satisfaction. That means something!

Flip side?

Ok, wishful thinking brings discontentment, bitterness, and depression.

Discontentment because seriously ... did you think your dream life was going to fall on your lap? Which bring the bitterness because nothing turns you into an SOB faster than the reality that you haven't got what you've been dreaming about which leads to depression because between the discontentment and bitterness, your anxiety is eating away at you 24/7 and you get to the point where you think "what's the point!"

So ... What the hell have you done with your life?

If you haven't got nothing to say then you've done bupkist.

So ....

No more whining.
No more bitching (excuse the language)
No more crying.

Ship in or ship out! Quit feeling sorry for yourself. And quit blaming the world for decisions you made.

Now STAND UP and take charge! It's not too late.

You have one life. One. Life. Go and make something of it.

Time for the song of the day

My pick of the day is -- Let's Get Loud by Jennifer Lopez... enjoy the moment

Well my friends, I wish you all a good day. Be good to one another and don't take your freedom for granted because it's not a given for everyone to do so.

and SMILE! You're on life's candid camera


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