What Freezer Coverings Do For Your Food

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Freezer packaging has to be strong and thick because the packages of food are stacked so closely together in the freezer.

Freezer Coverings, What They Do

As soon as you say "Bye, bye, baby limas, see you in three months," and pop them in the freezer, they will immediately be under siege. Unless you have first wrapped them in a coat of protective armor, your frozen foods will be doing battle with air, moisture, the odors of the other foods, the weight of the packages around them and the tendency of their own odors and juices to want to escape. Only if you have packaged them properly will they emerge from the assault with their flavor and texture intact.

Use food coverings that are nonporous, to prevent flavors and odors from entering or leaving. Coverings should have no taste or odor of their own, either. They should be moisture-proof, too, and seal in a way that excludes as much air as possible. If the air in your freezer comes in contact with your food, it will dry it out. That dehydration, misnamed freezer burn, is the direct consequence of poor packaging. It makes juicy, red steak turn tough and gray and taste like cardboard. When food contracts freezer burn, it's terminal. You might as well throw it out because there's no way to restore the quality.

Freezer packaging also has to be strong and thick because the packages of food are stacked so closely together - peas on top of carrots, berries under pork chops. Jostling, too, can take its toll, as you dig through the pie dough to get to the chives, or upend the turkey to find the croquettes. All this can wear and tear weak packages.


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good info...

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Some sound advice for storing food in your freezer. Thank you for sharing.:)

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This is really good advice, and makes me think about how I package food to go into the freezer...Great share..

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This is good to know, thanks.

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Thanks for the info!

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