What Is A Moon Sign?

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A brief explanation of the idea of the Moon Sign in western astrology.

The Explanation

Moon signs are an interesting feature in astrology. Whereas the Sun sign reveals how one engages with the world, expressing themselves through an outward nature, moon help define how we grow emotionally as human beings. It gives reason behind what we do, and provides a sort of psycho-spiritual sanctuary for us composed of our pure subconscious. Nostalgia and childhood memories in general, a sense of comfort and peace, and even the wellspring of positive emotions which these memories and sensations use as an activating trigger.

As the Moon signs provide a sanctuary of positive emotional influence, so too do they harbor the more sinister aspects of ourselves. Emotions such as hatred, fear, and wrath may spring forth through our Moon. This is not an “evil” thing, mind you, merely another aspect of the complex human psyche, guided through the equally complex movements of the planets. It provides the emotional challenges necessary to make us better human beings.

This astrological planet also influences the way in which we perceive our world. Chances are, if your Sun is in Gemini, your moon is probably not there, also. This is actually a relatively normal thing (actually, I doubt “normal” actually exists,) as a person with their Sun in one sign is likely to have their Moon in another. Those who have their Sun and Moon in the same sign will find their sign’s behaviors quite enhanced. That is to say, they are working with and enhancing one another. However, those who have a Sun and Moon in conflicting signs may find themselves fighting a sort of emotional war inside of themselves, which can drive one to distraction. Those particular people will need to learn to reconcile the outward expression of their Sun sign with the internal expression of their Moon sign. Your Moon is, basically, who you are in the dark, after all.

As mentioned before, the Moon is your subconscious drive, which includes instinctual reaction. A knee-jerk expression of what is floating around beneath the surface of the mind. For example, a person with their moon in Aries would be quite headstrong, physically (or socially) aggressive, and may find that they have a great deal of difficulty controlling themselves. Another person attempting to do so would, frankly, have their work cut out for them. This is not necessarily a bad thing, merely an aspect of their inner-nature. We cannot really change this, it’s issued to us at birth, like our lungs or our kidneys. We simply have to learn to work with it, so that it will not rule us.

Parting Words, Plus A Request!

In the future, I would like to provide a series of articles on the various moon signs in the Western zodiac. If you are interested, please mention something in the comments below (or just follow me.)


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