What Is A Pressure-Mounted Pet Gate And Should I Use One

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So you're in the market for a new pet gate. There are so many choices for different applications to choose from. Pressure mounted pet gates make up a large portion of those gates. So what is it and is it the right gate for me?

What Is A Pressure-Mounted Pet Gate And Should I Use One

Every gate except for a "free standing" pet gate has some method to keep it standing straight up while it's being used. The free standing gate is a special gate that needs no brackets or mounting hardware. Once the gate is assembled it can stand on its own.

Pressure mounting refers to the method this gate uses to hold it in a location. These gates are very easy to use and install. There are no special tools, tricks or tips you need to successfully set them up. Once you begin they normally only take a few minutes of your time for installation.

The gate is designed to be held in place by using tension. They do not require any special mounting hardware, you won't have to do any drilling and there are no screws to hold it in place. There are two common methods that pressure mounted gates use. Depending on your situation you may choose one or the other.

The first method for securing the gate is using an adjustable-width lever action system. Once the proper width for the opening is determined you set the gate, place it into position then press the lever down to lock it in. When you press the lever down it pulls outward pressure on the doorframe or wall to hold it in place,

The second, and nowadays, most common mounting system uses 4 hand adjustment knobs. There are two adjuster knobs located on each side of the gate with one at the top and the other at the bottom. This gate is placed into the location and you adjust the knobs outward. This puts pressure on the wall or door and holds it in place.

Unlike a hardware mounted gate, a pressure mounted pet gate will allow you to move it or relocate it quite easily without leaving damage on the wall or the doorway you had it in. They tend to be more versatile throughout the home giving you more options for using them.

This type of gate is also preferred even over the lever action pressure mounted gate. The unique u-shape design allows it to have a door that can accommodate using it in high traffic areas. Some even use a foot pedal operation that lets you move freely thru the gate especially when your hands are full. The door opens in either direction making it truly user friendly gate.

Some of the great additional features you can get when buying this type of gate are the multitude of widths it can accommodate, different heights, will fit uneven openings, taking it while you travel, mechanism to lock open when you need to and you can get it to match just about any pets in your home.

There is one major safety concern for this gate. DO NOT USE IT TO BLOCK A STAIRCASE! Stairways use specially designed gates, so unless the gate you buy is specifically made for this purpose don't install it there. It will cause a major safety obstruction.

Remember if you still aren't sure you can always call the manufacturer. They're more than willing to answer all your questions.

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