What Is Crawl Space Encapsulation?

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In this article, we explain what crawl space encapsulation is and what you'll need to know to complete your own crawl space project.

Do You Have A Crawl Space Or Basement?

Most people view a crawl space as a basement and a basement as a crawl space. First things first, a crawl space and basement are not the same thing. It's important to know how to distinguish a basement from a crawl space.

Both crawl spaces and basements serve as the foundation of the home. Both are built with concrete and serve the purpose of anchoring the home.

As for the differences, let's begin with the crawl space. While common crawl spaces are a few feet in height, they're not considered to be a living quarters for the home. The crawl space is cheaper to build and often less time consuming. Most crawl spaces are built a few feet about the ground. This gives you easier access to utilities and pipes.

A basement is built at least 8 feet above the ground and is considered to be a living quarters for the home. Most basements are built with cinder blocks and they're great for anchoring down the property.

Understanding What Crawl Space Encapsulation Means

Now that you know the differences between a basement and crawl space, you should know which foundation your home has. If you do have a crawl space, the condition of your crawl space is going to determine if you need to encapsulate your crawl space.

Crawl space encapsulation is the process of sealing up your crawl space from the outside environment to eliminate moisture in your crawl space.

Why is that important? Moisture can cause a lot of problems in your crawl space. Moisture can damage floor joist, wood beams, insulation and can weaken your crawl space structure. Moisture can also cause mold to grow, molds that are dangerous to your health such as black mold.

If you notice moisture in your crawl space, floor joist, floor boards or insulation, that likely means you have a moisture problem that needs to be corrected.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Process

If you do have moisture in your crawl space, you will need to encapsulate your crawl space. Encapsulating the crawl space is not difficult but it's a job that can take several hours to complete. The time that it takes depends on the size of your crawl space.

Clean Your Crawl Space

Before you do anything to your crawl space, you'll need to clean the crawl space.

Remove any sharp objects from the floors, walls and clean up any water puddles that may have formed. If you already have mold in your crawl space, make sure you buy mold killer to properly destroy the mold.

If you have wet insulation or floors, they will need replaced if they're damaged.

Crawl Space Vapor Barriers

You'll need to use vapor barriers on the walls and floor of your crawl space. Crawl space vapor barriers come in a variety of different sizes. The thicker the vapor barrier, the more protection if provides. Due to that, I'd recommend using a 12 mil or 20 mil size. You can use a 12 mil size on the crawl space walls and a 20 mil size for the floor.

Crawl space tape can be used to tape vapor barriers together. Please remember that you'll need to use vapor barriers that are manufactured for the crawl space. Plastic sheeting will not work.

Seal Foundation Vents And Your Crawl Space Door

If you have foundation vents and a crawl space door, you'll need to completely seal these up with crawl space tape. If you see any other areas where outside air is getting into the crawl space, those will need to be sealed up too.

Crawl Space Dehumidifier

Once the crawl space is sealed and all of your crawl space vapor barriers have been applied, you'll likely need a crawl space dehumidifier to control the moisture in the air. You want to make sure that the dehumidifier is made specifically for the crawl space.

Also, you want to make sure your dehumidifier can handle the moisture in your crawl space. Let the retailer know how big your crawl space is and they should be able to help you with the specific dehumidifier size you need.


If you search on Google, you'll find a number of different videos that explain how to encapsulate your crawl space.

If you can't do it yourself, you can contact a local crawl space contractor to do the work for you.


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