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Success takes application, not too much dreaming. Oh, yes, dreaming and scheming comes up with the idea, but, application is the thing that does everything. Don't let the three steps fool you, any successful idea has them, by the way.

Respect the application as well as the creation of the idea

Sure, we can all wish or dream, but to apply takes persistence and perseverance in that order and an honesty with ourselves about our abilities to boot, also.

Without mincing too many words, I will write about the reality of how a good idea works:

1. You come up with the idea

2. You make a plan to apply the idea.

3. You apply the idea.

Obviously, I made all steps equally important, but coming up with the idea, making a plan and applying the idea are always equally important to each other, although most never really get past step one, and too many get fearful because they unrealistic ideas for step two which is why so many never get to step three.

Think, though, a good plan or step two when implementing anything is worth everything, especially when you are in the heat of step three, and something goes wrong and you can easily correct yourself. As I said in the page summary: Success takes application, and I meant consistent application and not too much dreaming, but, application is the thing that does everything.

Deal with what goes wrong this way when implementing:

Don't panic, be cool, no matter what. When I think of all the second and fifth (and more) chances I had to implement my ideas ultimately, I am genuinely amazed, but not surprised. Some of the best ideas have needed this sort of perseverance to succeed anyway. Like I said, I will not mince words and use unnecessary words to get my point across.

So, when something goes wrong, be cool and persevere. Ending with a quote from Calvin Coolidge:

Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan 'Press On' has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.

Hey, can I say more or better inside an article than that, I don't think so, which is why I begin here:

Reality, where it begins and where it ends.

No matter how many great fantasies we have. Ultimately, we must fulfill our obligations in reality. Without that "bedrock" of realism, everything is just "up in the clouds" too much. Without that realism and persistence of constancy, all we have are weak efforts. It is much like the Hoover Dam before the refrigerant was circulated through the shifting sand to make it a rock-like structure to build on or the light bulb before tungsten was put on the string in the vacuum like glass bulb structure, or this one: The mind before the concept of discipline reaches it fully and succinctly. Reality is where it begins and where it ends, and a square wheel rolling is the fantasy of the fool, right? Sure. As Mr. Montgomery Scott said to Captain James Tiberius Kirk in the "Star Trek" shows and movies: "I cannot change the laws of physics, Captain!"

So, reality is where it begins and where it ends at all levels because we cannot change what we need to do. Oh, what we want to do may be able to be changed, but basic needs and realities cannot, they need to be fulfilled to have what we want.Think deeply about this fact.

As, not everyone can have their pony as a kid and a perfect childhood, reality and its needs and requirements rear their realities. That brings me to a point, even the kids with the ponies and the perfect childhood scenarios have their problems also. In fact, the ponies and perfect childhood scenarios put them at a disadvantage sometimes, because their consciousnesses become lazy at times, "entitled" and weak in areas that do not get strengthened or developed in people who have obstacles to overcome and do overcome them. Do not take this as envy, take this as a warning not to envy. Indeed, active strength is always superior to complacency, and complacent behavior in life. I realized this at a very young age blessedly and luckily.

As a boy, I was actually very cautious, did not take things for granted, because I had a lot to overcome. I had sensory integration problems/Asperger's Syndrome or "light functional autism" as they called it so many years ago. Sure, to an extent, I am pretty normal now, but I do have my moments of that at times which I am very conscious of and work on within myself. I also realize that reality is where it begins and where it ends when it comes to life, existence and things working out. After all, genuine perseverance is not taking things for granted, and living to conquer reality instead of letting reality conquer you ultimately. The ultimate fantasy is "we do not have a choice, envy those who have it better." The ultimate reality is "we do have a choice, we can ultimately, through realistic steps, make it better."

Indeed, the genuinely weak people have it "normal and easy", even "wonderful". What do you think Herbert George Wells was showing in his "Time Machine" story about the two peoples known as the Morlocks and the Eloi anyhow. Strong people who have it "hard" and "overcome a lot of stuff" always have it better than any of those that had it "given to them easily".

I remember this Bill Murray/Woody Harrelson movie called "Kingpin" that used bowling as a metaphor. Woody Harrelson's character Roy Munson was one of those people who had it too easy growing up, and paid the price to Bill Muray's shady character Ed McCracken after Harrelson's character Roy Munson losing his bowling hand in a "stupid bet" that Roy Munson lost to Murray's character McCracken. I get it.

Real success and failure work like that movie I just wrote about, if you have it "too good" and "take it for granted", you lose even more than you had. On the other hand, if you have it "bad" or had it "bad", through effort that can always be reversed and made even better than the person that initially had it too good had it. I get it.

So, I end with a personal example: Sometimes, I envy O.J. Simpson because he had "a great past" where I had "a horrible past", and then I come back to myself when I think of all the things I have just said about those who had it "too good" and take it for granted, and those who had it "too bad", and overcome it. Reading about O.J., I used to think to myself: "This is a guy who had all the cards stacked for him with lots of encouragement, he graduated high school without any drama, and he went to USC and played on their football team to win that coveted Heisman Trophy and all the trimmings afterward and sure I graduated high school early on the EXIT program in the tenth grade at fifteen years old, and went to college early, but all I did was El Camino Junior College and Cal State Dominguez Hills and majored in Philosophy, no glory, not much of anything, in fact most seem to laugh and say "dreamer", and do volunteer work with my life and writing stuff, what the hell am I compared to the way O.J. had the cards stacked for him?" Then, I answer my own question in this article especially. "He had it too good", I can do better for myself and by myself ultimately. After all, look at the irrational way his second wife died, and his first wife divorced him for starters. His life was irrational drama ultimately. I've already done better even in my own estimation. But, sometimes, I still feel a little "vinegar on my lips" because I am not "where I want to be". But, that does not stop me from going forward and living in reality. After all, O.J. is living in the "glorious past" and rotting in a jail cell or worse. Enough!

I have always thought that freedom starts in the mind and spirit, and greatness is genuinely made and not so much born. So, I have given you genuine food for thought to think about, start here.


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