What Makes A Good Cat Name?

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Why it is important to name your cat and how to come up with a good name

What's In A Name?

Naming your cat is almost like naming your child. Much thought should be put into it. Contrary to popular belief by people who are not into cats, cats can learn to recognize their names. Also, cat names need to have a pleasant ring to them, as you will be using them around family members and friends while addressing your cats.

Cat names come in two basic categories: popular cat names and unique cat names.

Popular Cat Names

These could be names that would be given to a human boy or girl. Another popular choice is to name your cat according to a physical feature or color. Naming your cat after a famous person also falls into this category. You could also name your cat after cartoon or animated cats.

Unique Cat Names

Cats with pedigrees often have unique names that are quite long or unusual. Often the breeder's names or location of the cattery are part of the cat's name. The long name goes on their papers, but the owners generally choose a nickname for daily use. However, your cat does not need to have a pedigree to enjoy a unique cat name.

Determine Gender

Regardless of the category, the first step is to determine the gender of the cat. It's something you should be aware of not only for the sake of naming your cat, but for neutering or spaying purposes, if needed. Then ask yourself if you want a common or unique name.

Use Books And Websites

The best common cat names can be found in books with baby names. There are also books out with popular cat names, or you could just go online and use any search engine to find websites with lists of names. Here is a very small sampling of the most common cat names, separated by male and female:

Male Cat Names

Male Cat Names Based on Color


Male Cat Names Based on Physical Features/Patterns


Female Cat Names

Female Cat Names Based on Color


Female Cat Names Based on Physical Features/Patterns:


Additional Ideas

Websites and books list several hundred choices, or even thousands, for each category. For male cartoon cat names Garfield tops the list, followed by Tom (from Tom and Jerry), and Heathcliff. For female cats, Duchess became a popular choice due to the movie Aristocats.

Creating Your Own Cat Name

You can take a person, character, place or any thing really and make up a unique spelling. For example, a cat could be named after King Tutankhamun with his name spelled King Tut Uncommon, with a nickname of King Tut.

Another option is to observe the cat's behavior and personality and name him or her accordingly. You could even bring mythology into the picture. For example, a very loving female cat could be named Aphrodite and a male cat who constantly grooms himself could be Adonis.

Final Thought

No matter which avenue you choose, it's important to put a lot of thought into naming your cat. Once a name is decided upon, it should not be changed. It is also important for the name to have a positive feeling to it, because visitors will adopt a negative attitude towards your cat if he or she has a negative name. The pet in turn will sense this attitude and may react unfavorable towards the humans. Lastly, you also need to remember you will be shouting out that name for all to hear - yes, kitty will escape outdoors despite your best intentions. If you are be embarrassed to yell out your kitty's name imagine how your cat would feel.


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author avatar Natasha Head
30th Aug 2010 (#)

You have certainly put some thought into this. I must confess I'm a crazy cat lady. My guy "Slims" is lean and mean...and presently, due to his attitude, is the reason I only have the one! Thanks for the work you put into this one, it was much enjoyed! :)

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author avatar vpaulose
2nd Sep 2010 (#)

interesting, Alexandra

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author avatar Silver
4th Jan 2012 (#)

My cat is a male cat and he is called Blizzard, or Blizzy.

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