What Makes Our Souls Soar?

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A journey to ask our inner selves, " what is the magic that makes you soar?" An introspective look at the truth of our higher consciousness, and the unlimited possibilities of the connection of All of Us.

Inner Quiet

When all is inwardly quiet. When I can still my mind, open my ears, and my heart, that is when Source will speak with me. My inner wellspring, my flow of beautiful waters and loving intention. This, is when I can get to the true, higher self.
The light of love, within my heart of hearts, flows like the rivers to the sea. Allowing all the truths of the universe's beauty, to glide along the pathway of least resistance.

Higher Love

Higher love doesn't worry about anything. It just comes for love of all things. Tapping into Source is inspiration, gratitude, BE- ing- ness, beauty, trust, and the perfectly imperfect.
We all have the ability to tap into source. It is our birthright.
One just needs to still the mind, open your heart, and step into the field of unlimited possibilities! Let the light flow from your highest knowing, to your open heart.

Conscious Connection

Once we have consciously connected to Source, Higher- Self, God Energy, ( what ever you choose to call it ) It will begin to expand for you, and show you more. It may come as music in your head, a phrase that sticks with you, a word of action, " listen"
" look", "see", "stop", " be still". It can come as a vibration, a scent, a flash of color.
All there to show you moments of presence, of right now.
The more you tune in, the more it will show you, and bring to you.
Joy, laughter, spontaneous activity, and magic. All from Source.


My Source, is Love. It comes from the highest good for all. All includes
me, you, everyone, and everything.
I allow love to give to me, to show me, to excite me. Love will bring me beautiful moments, allow me to see, hear, or experience things I never have before.
A birds song I've never heard, a gorgeous white swan flying directly over my head, finding a seashell on a beach in New England that is only found of the Southern Keys.
Source gives us every opportunity, to be a witness to the true beauty of life.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
18th Jul 2014 (#)

Uplifting post, thanks Dianne. Nature is full of love but we are drifting away, becoming more robotic, with less time to love and imbibe the goodness around. True wisdom lies in making time for sublime love without expecting any returns. We need a turn in our consciousness before we go over the precipice - siva

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author avatar Dianne Jewell
18th Jul 2014 (#)


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