What To Do When Your Pet Has Diabetes

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Not only humans develop and suffer from diabetes. Even our dear pets, no matter how well we take care of them, can also be afflicted with diabetes.

When Your Pet Has Diabetes

This is often a fearsome situation for any pet owner and the first inquiry that is commonly asked of the veterinarian is -will my pet be needed to "put to sleep?"

Naturally this is a sensitive issue and the response may vary depending on the overall state of health and age of your pet.

A lot of older pets that have been diagnosed with pet diabetes still continue to live several more happy years, but this requires commitment and close care from the owner.

Diabetic dogs and cats may live just as long as an absolutely healthy pet as long as the diabetes is diagnosed early and treated properly by both the vet and the owner.

The commitment it requires from the owner includes having to watch the pet's activities daily with a high level of attention and patience.

Feeding must not be neglected. Leaving the pet alone when you need to go on a trip is also not advisable. Daily medication, feeding with a proper diet, behavior monitoring will also be needed by your pet.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have to quit your job and stay home to watch your pet full time, but you will have to devote more attention to what his behavior changes to take a cue from there on how you should manage the situation.

There is also a financial responsibility when you have a sick pet. These are the factors you must thoroughly discuss with your vet and also with your family before you are to make a final decision.

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