What To Forgo Before House Sale

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Nobody wants to put money into their home if there is no way of recuperating it when they sell.

Even so, you may have lived with a broken front door for months, but a possible buyer isn't going to want to. Mend or replace anything damaged or that isn’t working as it was designed to.

A few other steps

Of course if something like the air conditioning is damaged then you need to sort it out, otherwise only sort those problems areas that can be noticed as you look around. Make sure the outside of your home needs care which also includes any yard area.

First impressions count so have your own or your neighbour’s son mow your lawn, dig up weeds, and pick up any trash. Mend broken tiles and repaint the garage door if it is needed. Clean and re-paint your windows and dispose of mess that can be seen from the street. Your kids should keep their toys inside the home or in the garage – the swing itself will send a strong-enough signal to your visitors that your house is family-friendly.

But before you start start receiving visitors into your home, you might want to try keeping your pets outside the house, limiting them to a small area within the home, or sending them to stay with neighbours.

Fake odours from such as fresheners, or cigarette smoke and flowers can cause headaches, so try to avoid them where it is practical. When you decide to put your house on the market, start smoking outside; ask a neighbour to give your house a sniff test; if they can still smell smoke, or even pets, look at cleaning your carpets, furniture and curtains. Filters in air-con units should be cleaned or changed if they haven't been maintained for a while, ask the air-con tradesperson if they do odour eliminater filters.

You also need to look at allergies when thinking about the smell and character of your home, a fresh bunch of flowers in a vase can look beautiful, but the pollen may trigger an allergy attack. Weigh up the benefits of plants and flowers, the season and the setup of your home, a small space with a large vase of flowers could mean the smell is overpowering.

If you need a quick sale or just can't be bothered with sorting out your home, you always have the option of selling your home 'as is'. Even if you choose this option, we would still recommend that you give your home a good clean, though some sellers don't even do that. If you arn't going to tidy up any questionable areas, then expect buyers to put forward a lower than asking price as they know they will have to do the work themselves.

As a professional Toronto real estate agent, I believe these actions can help the seller to sell for higher price!


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27th Sep 2011 (#)

I totally agree about the fake odors. I am particularly smell sensitive myself and get headaches from strong perfumes, if your house gives me a headache I am not going to buy it.

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