What are Wikinut tasks?

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Tasks are just our way of guiding through your Wikinut experience. At each step of the way, we'll drop advice and suggestions into your tasks list.

Are tasks just another word for chores?

The simple answer is no. We like to think of them as signposts to point you in the right direction. Basically, Wikinut offers lots of options and possibilities and we understand that this can be confusing for a first time user.

So rather than asking you to think about lots of things at once, we drip tasks into your list to keep things from being overwhelming. It's just our way of breaking Wikinut down into bite-size pieces.

So what kind of tasks are there?

Some tasks help with administration - so for example,when a new user joins one thing they need to do is verify their email address. This will appear in their task list until we can tick it off the list. Another example might be asking you to update your profile so that you've given us a photo and a description of yourself.

Other tasks are designed to familiarise you with the Wikinut system. We'll drop a task into all new user accounts asking them to write their first page. Tasks such as these will include links into help pages, walking users through the process.

And once you are a seasoned Wikinutter, we'll drop tasks onto your list offering suggestions of how to increase your earning by inviting friends and other more advanced ideas.

So we'd encourage you to check your task list each time you login as there'll always be a few words of advice or encouragement waiting.


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