What are the benefits of the video game?

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Did your parents refuse to let you play video games because they listened to the researchers who said they were so bad for you? Well, in 215, last year, there was a study published that went against the old researchers.

Video games were once thought to be bad for you

Since video games began and medical researchers claimed they had such severe effects on some people, especially teenagers and college kids. These are the most likely to have played video games. With the college kids, if they can't afford a video game system because they are in college studying for a career and not working, mom and dad may refuse to get their children the video game consoles, but there is always the student in the next dorm room who has a video game system,

Some younger kids are forbidden to play the video game, and mom and dad hope their teens aren't sneaking video game time at a friend's house.

Parents aren't being meant they just listen to the researchers who used to be under the belief they cause all kinds of problems. And these parents want what is best for their children, so they listened to the researchers.

Researchers are finding evidence video games are good for the gamer

These medical researchers might have to change their advice to parents. Now as more studies have been going on from 2005-2015, researchers are beginning to believe that they used to be way too hasty when they first invented video games, and medical researchers warned parents about how bad these games are for their kids. IN fact, they think that the results long ago were released without examining them enough. They believe that video games and the gamers (what avid video game players call themselves) may actually be good for the gamers

Video game players have an advantage over those who don't play

In December 2015, neuroscientists, cognitive scientists, and psychologists have decided new research shows that video games can actually be excellent for some people. The new research was some video games give the child brain exercises,

In the years from 2005-2015 show that children and those who don't play video games and those ardent gamers there was a difference between them. When those passionate players, especially when they played video games that had a lot of high action in them. These games involve shooting the first person when they were given a test against those who never play video games..

The people who played video games did better on tests that clocks things like making a decision, they switch task and visual acuity. These games did a lot better in these skills than those who never played these games.

Those video games don't even have to be high action games. Those who play the occasional game of Candy Crush Saga or something like it when tested had a quicker time for responses and a better memory.

3-D video games and there advantages

Researchers are even finding the good in 3-D games

A 3-D game is a video game that makes a person feel like they are very much a part of the games, Like they were on the screen of the video game,

3-D stands for 3 - Dimensional.

Researchers are finding that those who play 3-D games have their brain become stimulated. And with getting an accelerated mind who knows what that person can do. They get stimulation, and better memory they had before starting 3-D video games.

The 3-D vs. 2-D games are there benefits to any of them?

IN the December 2015 Journal of Neuroscience issue, there was a new study published.

The study had college students who barely had any knowledge of video games or never once played the games. These college students were trained in one of two types of games 3-D games and 2-D games.

The 3-D game was called Super Mario 3-D goal, The 2 -D game was angry birds When these students were learning to play them it was called training them.

Then the students went on their way with the orders that they play a half hour of the game they were given to train for two weeks then come back.

They researchers then d the students take a test after the two weeks of video games.
The tests were testing the part of the brain when they are exposed to new things and help the brain make new memories called the hippocampus, and both groups gained benefits from them.


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