What are the causes behind bad cell phone reception?

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What is causing our dropped calls? What can be so annoying and so frequent? People are flabbergasted whenever they find themselves in a situation like this in the 21st century. There are two main reasons why this happens and those are the barriers that cause interference and the distance from the cell tower. The only reasonable thing to do is to expand the coverage area on our planet, but until that happens let’s learn something more about bad phone signals.

Barriers blocking the signal

Your phone reception might be poor because there are too many obstacles on the way from the tower to your phone. The signal will pass through the air easily, but everything that comes in its way, be it a house, a mountain or a tree, will interrupt the signal. Cell signals will hardly pass through some solid materials like metal and concrete, so don’t be surprised if you cannot make a call due to this problem if you live in neighborhood crowded with houses.

A distanced cell tower

When a cell site is far away from your home, it is completely normal that you will be having very weak, if any signal in your premises. These sites or towers are places all over towns, suburbs as well as some rural areas, so whenever you are near one of those towers, your cell phone will automatically pick up the signal from the nearest one. As we already mentioned, some places have poor signal coverage or, simply put, they have no cell sites. So, as you get further and further from the nearest one, your signal will get weaker and eventually completely fade. Sometimes this also depends on your mobile device, but the difference is only in a few dozen feet.

Is there a solution?

With the development of technology, there are various devices available that can boost your cell signal. What these devices do is extend the scope of the network in those areas where the signal is poor. Another name for these devices is a cell phone repeaters and they are specially designed to amplify the weak signal caused by obstructions or distances. Phone signal boosters are actually a system composed of various parts.

1. Antenna

2. Cable that connects it to the signal booster unit

3. Signal booster unit (usually put inside the house) with an antenna

The process is simple: The antenna is put on the roof of the house or any higher part and connected with the amplifying unit inside the house. The signal is picked up by the outer antenna and sent to the booster that further spreads the signal across the certain area. There are different types of amplifiers - stronger and weaker, depending on the strength of the signal you need. When the signal is too weak outside, you will need a stronger amplifier for better coverage and the same goes if you want to cover a bigger area. Also, there is the difference between the antennas on the booster. There are dome and panel antennas, each spreading the signal across the area in its own way.

I hope that now you understand a bit more about bad reception, cell sites, antennas and boosters, even though you are not a professional. It is important to learn thing like this throughout your life. Who knows when you’ll encounter a problem like this?


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so interesting this although have no idea about it...

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I get weak signals, informative.

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