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What you think affects a lot of aspects in your life. If you aren't aware I advised you to read this. If you are wanted to change the way you think you should read this. Or if you just want to see a different point of veiw take a look at this.

Thoughts have Power

Thoughts are so important to your daily life and you should think about what you think about. What you think about determines how your day is going to go. If you think about work that day and its your day off then you won't enjoy your day off cause you are thinking about and worrying about work. That's no fun, and if you take this a step forward you start over thinking past events in your life. You are left wondering about something that happened yesterday, a few days ago, last week, last month, or last year. We all have regrets, its how you deal with them that matters. That part starts with stop thinking about what can't change and what you can't do instead think about what you can do and what you are going to do in the future. You control your own future, you already decided your past that won't change or go away.


Think about what your priorities are and what you think about most. Make a list comparing the two side by side and see the difference. We as the emotional creatures we are we can get all caught up in the smallest details and worry about the things that don't matter. Better yet we can worry about something that no one else is worrying about and we are so consumed about it. If you can get what you think about straighten out then things in your life will eventually start straightening themselves out. If you notice worry is a huge factor in what is going to determine what you think about. Don't let worry over run your thoughts, worry is hollow and is filled with our imagination.


In order to get results, put the time into it. The small stuff will come the easiest and the big stuff will come after some real big changes come. Time is one of the keys and you will notice instant results especially in your mood. Normal when you are in a good mood you typical have good thoughts plus a good day to go with that. I just hope that this was helpful to people. I'm also not going to criticize myself and think negatively about what I could have said and what I didn't say. What's done is done, and the past is the past, as long as I did something it shows I put effort and I'm going to be better.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
18th Jul 2014 (#)

Good points. We are entrapped by what happened in the past, especially the hurts, and worry about the future, and we fail to live in the present. We should try our best to enjoy the moments - siva

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