What is Cookiecutter?

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Heard of Cookiecutter before? Wondering what it is?

What is Cookiecutter?

As adorable as it sounds, this shark has a cigar shaped body which also known as cigar shark. It has a conical snout, two low spineless dorsal fins on the body. Cookie cutter shark is able to produce light which called photophores. The bioluminescent cells are giving cookie cutter shark a greenish glow named Isistius. The name Isistius is derived from the word Isis in Egyptian goddess.

Cookie cutter lives in warm water area around the world. It usually lives in deep water below 1000m. It is a slow swimmer, therefore it relies on stealth to feast. By sunrise, it swims in the dark water and rises when the sun set.

This shark is about 50mm in length.

It is known to have optical illusion. The silhouette of the cookie cutter from below is similar to fish. Hence, it attracts some ocean predators to strike. When the predator strikes, cookiecutter will lunge forward and take the ultimate strike.

This shark is able to hunt animals that bigger than its size. It hunts by locking its lips on its prey and, sinks its teeth into the flesh and tears a huge part of the flesh off. It is also known to leave its bite marks on the sonar of the submarine.

Other than eating fishes and other ocean predators, this shark is feeding on squid too.


What Is Cookiecutter

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