What is CyberSquatting?

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CyberSquatting is a big thing on the Internet at the moment, after 2 CyberSquatters in the United King (Also known as TypoSquatters) were fined for misleading consumers into fake prize entry draws, then texting there phone with a premium-rate for £1.50 each without notifying them.

The Basic CyberSquatting

CyberSquatting can cause endless problems for both online retailers, and offline. CyberSquatting is a term used when you purchase a domain that is similar to another.

Example Of CyberSquatting

For example I purchase googlee.com that is CyberSquatting, because I am using a typing error that visitors may use by mistake when typing, so that they visit my website instead of google.com. It's used particuraly for large websites that have trademarked names, such as Nike, Argos, Google, Microsoft and sometimes people even target much smaller websites, sometimes even tiny blogs.

The Issues Of CyberSquatting

The issue arrises when the person CyberSquatting starts misleading consumers into buying there products instead of the real products, this creates a legal issue as consumers, don't receive the product or they receive it but it's fake. At that point the consumer can also be held liable for any charges, for handling fake or sometimes even stolen goods.

Being Cautious Of CyberSquatting

All we can do really about CyberSquatting is be cautious when visiting websites, when entering a web address in the URL bar always check for spelling/typo errors. If your still unsure use Google.com to search for what your looking for as it's most likely to bring the correct website up for you.


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27th Feb 2012 (#)

Great to see you back, wjack. Nice comeback article.

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27th Feb 2012 (#)

Thanks a lot Buzz.

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27th Feb 2012 (#)

Good information on what is cyber squatting and yes, welcome back too.

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27th Feb 2012 (#)

Thanks Mark, greatly appreciated :)

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