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The MODEM gets its name from Modulator/Demodulator. A device modulates a digital signal to analog signal, and demodulates that signal into output information.

The chief aim

The chief aim is to produce a signal that can transmit and decoded to reproduce the original data. For dummies, Modem is a device, which connects your personal computer to your telephone line. In other words, the modem converts computer data into the language used by telephones and then reverses the process to convert that data back into computer language. The most basic modem is a voice band modem, which converts the sound signal into digital codes (0s and 1s) and transmits it via the telephone lines and then reaches the destination, the receiving end modem again converts those digital information to the required form. The situation where both modems operates simultaneously is known as Full duplex mode and in case where only one modem is operating is said to be in Half duplex mode.

Type of application

First, the modem produces a carrier signal and converts the same from analog to digital form. The type of modem used may depend upon the type of application. There are mainly two kinds of modems namely internal modem and external modem. An internal modem is directly integrate to the computer through internal ports, is place inside the system unit whereas external modems are place outside the system unit, and is connect to the computer using a serial port. It uses a separate power supply. A variety of modems is available to suit the different needs of the users. The capability of modem is mainly show by the speed with which data can sent through it. The speed of the modem is generally expressed in kilobits per second (kbps).In olden days, the speed of the modem used to be merely in bits per second. They were just considering point-to-point connections. However, with technological advancements, the speed of the data transfer increased and high-speed modems hit the markets. The 56 kbps dial up modem was a very popular one in the 1990s.But further improvement in modem techniques brought new dimensions to the device.

High-speed modems

Now high-speed modems are available for even domestic purposes. Now broadband modems are available which can provide speeds unto 100 mbps. Optical modems also provide fast rate data transmission. This is with the help of optical fibers, now intercontinental data is transmit over these undersea optical fibers. Modern telecommunications and data networks also use radio modems where long distance data transmission is required. The latest of modems being the wireless modems are the most popular among the internet users. These modems are use in Wi-Fi, which is nowadays using in laptops so that the users can connect to the internet from wherever they want. Hence, it is quite clear that the modem technology is getting better day by day and the internet has never been as fun ever.


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