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A poltergeist is often mistaken as a ghost or spirit wanting to play pranks on the inhabitants of a certain house. This is a common misconception. After reading my article, you will know what a poltergeist really is.


A poltergeist is considered to be a playful and malevolent spirit which inhabits a particular house and causes trouble to the human inhabitants. However, parapsychology has a completely different view for poltergeist phenomenon. A poltergeist is a personality fragment of a persons mind who is emotionally disturbed by someone or something. The personality fragment generally originates from an adolescent who is emotionally troubled. This personality fragment often plays pranks with people. That is why poltergeists are often found to travel along with the inhabitants as the disturbed adolescent still remains with them. The disturbances cease as soon as the 'targeted' adolescent is removed from the area. This disturbance remains till the targeted adolescent is cured of the emotional trouble he is going through.


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15th Apr 2013 (#)

Lucifer, it feeds of your energy to strengthen. It needs a stimulus to interact to wherein the energy is drawn from it to form the object that becomes volatile if denied its energy. They are called vampires in nature and result in energy drains of the person until they have digested the stimulus in totality.
Many times they felt around and it is the way you interact to them that make you who and what you are.
Its all about permissions and if you grant them the permission to inhabit you, they take you in total never to return.
It is a form of haunting/possession that makes you take on their characteristic and the stronger they grow the weaker you become and worse, the spirit takes possession of the energies and affects various objects around due to the magnetic within the individual in possession. Some of them are just electrical pulses but many of them are detected on on cameras meant to capture such kind of phenomenon, its rare but its possible these spirits can hide themselves from the camera or show themselves out as normalcy until they start to get irritable. I know what you are referring to and watch Spielberg Poltergeist to understand it better.
As I said earlier it is all in your name, you are drawing the energies from the side I don't want to be on and I guess I have to come and teach you these knitty grittys just show you the works I see in your realm.

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