What is the IS( Islamic State)?

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The Is is the new pariah in the world and countering it wont be easy

The Ethos of the IS

The ISIS ( Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) is now transformed into the IS( Islamic State). It is an organization that has split from it parent organization the Al Qaeda, but it’s doubly fearsome as it has a dedicated following and its appeal for an Islamic Caliphate runs across all sections of Sunni Muslims. I say Sunni Muslims , because the very nature of the IS precludes any accommodation with the minorities or the Shia sect in Islam.
The IS has Global appeal among Sunni’s
Thus the IS is waging a two front war, one against the decadent West and second against the Shia and other minorities. The IS is getting recruits from all over the world. Large numbers from the UK and the USA have enrolled to fight for the IS. In fact the recent beheadings of 2 American reporters were the handiwork of two British Muslims. Obviously these men kept their faces covered as they feared reprisal and like all cowards they want to live. Yet these men have been identified and one hopes they can be brought to justice.

The Policy Paralysis in the uSA

'Brought to justice' is a fine phrase, but who will execute this? The one power capable of taking on the Sunni fanatics is the USA and strangely with Obama at the helm of affairs a strange paralysis has encompassed the US government. They have no policy to counter the IS and Obama has admitted this in so many words. It’s frightening that the number 1 power is clueless how to deal with the IS, except a sporadic aerial bombardment that is not having the desired effect.
A Toothless Tiger
The USA under Obama is more like a toothless tiger and I feel the American think tank must be bereft of ideas. Otherwise they would never have toppled two bulwarks against al Qaeda and its ilk namely Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein. By toppling these men, the USA has opened a can of worms that will enter in the long run the US stomach. They continue their shortsightedness by opposing Assad. The so called moderate Islamic rebels the US is arming are the very men who sold the US correspondent to the IS for $ 25000-30000. What a mess created as this poor man was beheaded and a video circulated.

The Future
America needs a great President now, one who can salvage US pride and face the danger of a resurgent Sunni Islam. Obama is not the man, I wonder how the American people could have voted in a man who is half Muslim and studied in a Madrasa( Islamic religious School) for 2 years. His statement which I have reproduced above is not in the best of taste for a man who is supposed to lead the free


Iraq And Isi, Isi, Obama, Sunni And Isi

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
13th Oct 2014 (#)

Thanks Madan for your take. I agree that America does not understand the culture of Islamic countries - they can win battles but loses the war. I have always maintained they went after wrong targets led by special interest groups. To add to the opening of can of worms, it is also like squeezed paste from a tube; the damage is done!

I have a view no one can ever become great Presidents like Lincoln in modern era. There are too many wheels within wheels in the democratic system now as it has developed quite unlike the days of the old when Presidents had much leeway. They were like Gods but even the latter will be under close scrutiny now with hidden cameras! The presidents in charge when earlier wars were initiated were also sort of led by the nose by special interests to the extent they thought Americans will be welcomed with flowers in Iraq and Afghanistan. That is not the way their culture works. It is easy to blame Obama for the ills but the ills started with Vietnam war and the lessons are not learned. Don't forget India too liberated another country few decades ago but did not have any expectations of gratitude.

IS is betting on unity of Muslims without national borders though few enlightened among them (if it is the right word!) have been aware of the dangers that can turn their politics upside down. People will run around like headless chickens then if they come to power! siva

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
13th Oct 2014 (#)

I think there is a lot of misinformation out there because most people only think they understand Islam and have painted the whole religion negatively.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
14th Oct 2014 (#)

Interesting post and one of a kind writing!

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