What is the soul? Are we humans with a soul, or a soul in a human?

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Our Soul.

Does this word just refer to the core of who we are, or does it have a spiritual connotation to it too?

This article explores what a soul is from the author's way of thinking.

Are all souls the same as every other soul, or not?

"Soul equals Soul; no one Soul is greater than another."

This quote comes from the New Age religion, Eckankar.

The bible never says this.

In fact, it says in many places that there are different types of angels within Heaven; cherubim, seraphim, and archangels, are mentioned in the bible, so why wouldn't there be different types of soul too.

Jesus had a soul too.

"My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death," he said to them."

That was Jesus talking to his disciples in Saint Mark's gospel, chapter 14, verse 34.

Is his soul greater than ours, or not, then?

Are there different types of souls?

Is there a hierarchy of souls where some are higher in a sense than others, like Jesus's soul being the soul of God's son, is his soul any higher, or greater, than ours, for example?

All souls are residents of heaven, and each is fashioned distinctively so, to play a certain assigned role which God has created them uniquely for, and so in this sense, every soul is uniquely different from each other soul, but the love energy within them is the same love energy, being or coming, from God himself.

God is love, and the love in you is God in you also.

This answer comes to me as my own personal truth.

What is personal truth though, is it a part of the higher truth, is it really a part of God's higher truth, at all?

Your personal truth is the truth of you and your spiritual purpose for your creation by God. Find this truth, and you will also then find your place within God, or within his truth then too.

Is each soul a separate entity, or not?

"As a body everyone is single, as a soul never."

This is a quote from the great German writer Hermann Hesse, (1877 to 1962).

Was he right here though?

Each soul is a part of God, so in that sense he is right, and yet at the same time, each soul is individually, uniquely, created as a new aspect of God, given the chance to love in ever new ways, through their ongoing experiences within life, and in this sense, he is wrong.

Even the bodies are connected in the sense that we are all one flesh too though.

"No man is an island", as somebody else famously once said.

Actually this was the title of a poem written by the English poet John Donne, (1572 to 1631).

Many New Age teachers teach about soul growth, and the journey of our soul.

Here is one such teaching.

This guy doesn't like the term, "higher self".

He thinks that this means indirectly that we must be living in our lower self. This is not true, he tells us. We live from our soul down, not from our human body up!

All parts of us are important. No one part is any higher or lower than any other part is.

What more can we say about soul growth then?

And what in our soul really grows, its knowledge of truth perhaps?

A soul expands in its knowledge of truth by your going through experiences with love.

On the other hand though, a soul has access to all knowledge too. So, in a way, this (the statement immediately above) is incorrectly stated too.

It is a soul's wisdom that increases its loving use of its knowledge, and it grows wiser in knowing how to guide its often referred to lower self, in its human life body, from the lower self's variously different human lives.

What then after-all is a soul? Is our soul really immortal, or not?

A soul is a particle of dust in God's earth, and the earth is created as a playground for God.

The immortality of a soul is linked into its ability to live independently in this playground of God's.

As soon as a soul leaves the earth's atmospheric trapping of it in its earthly body, the soul in effect is no longer linked to immortality, because a soul only ever exists as an enigmatic reflection of God.

Only in living a life does it become immortal rather than mortal, as everyone else thinks, and this means that a soul is not really separately immortal, but it remains mortal only because at any time, it could be lost entirely if it returns completely into God.

A soul retains immortality only within its lower bodies, and which give it a separate life other than its imagined eternal place within God's oneness.

The state of this oneness means that each soul is never separately immortal, but only ever exists in its infinite reflections taken on by itself within life, to mirror God back to itself from.

God is the only immortal one; he creates infinite mirrors of himself that could break apart at any time when they see the truth behind the mirror. Then, they re-join God's oneness once more again.

Our soul is a part of God's love, which is learning to love consciously by becoming alive from surviving in the clothes of life. This brings into fruition God's unconscious love changing it into conscious love so that love fills life, when life fills itself with love.

And now at this point in my article, I will throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Nothing can destroy your soul.

It is infinitely immortal within its position of oneness within God. If your soul is destroyed, so must be God, and this is just never possible. Love, once created, lives on forever. God is this love personified into operating as you and as me.

The soul is immortal then after all, but it can only know this state of eternity or immortality from dropping its place within God, or stepping away from his oneness, to experience oneness from mortality, or from living-ness, or life.

Our soul's role is wholly to be God within us, this life form.

Your role is to see this role, and so to be fully you within God. Holding onto nothing outside of you allows everything inside of you to be only love, so that from above, and from below is now only love.

When you return to being and to seeing only love, you are indeed immortal, but you have lost your individualised self then again by stepping back into being wholly God as you.

Soul then is immortally mortal and mortally immortal at one and the same time. This is what gives it its seemingly separate existence, which actually really never is separate at all. All is only God. God's oneness is always complete within itself.

When you love yourself, love opens you to know your whole self then, and your whole self is God. The soul is immortal, because God is immortal.

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author avatar Carol Roach
24th Jul 2015 (#)

I am going in for bariatric surgery so I will be away from here for a few days

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author avatar spirited
24th Jul 2015 (#)

Oh, we will miss you here, you are a great contributor here. Good luck with it Carol.

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author avatar Retired
24th Jul 2015 (#)

Thanks, spirited, for a thoroughly enlightening discussion. Recently, I started ready "A Course in Miracles" again, and what it tries to get across (over and over again) is that we only think we are imperfect because we are viewing our existence IN Time and Space. Viewed from a spiritual perspective, we would see that we are all truly reconciled with God and perfect. Great thought.

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author avatar spirited
24th Jul 2015 (#)

thanks for adding your thoughts here Christopher.

The movement across into time and space allows for a new perspective viewing platform to be created and then this platform must be seen to rest upon the foundations of an underlying love, and not be seen as just existing singularly alone as itself.

All is one and one is all, and it's all perfect, as you say.

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author avatar Retired
24th Jul 2015 (#)

If every human has a soul, but animals do not - as we are usually led to believe by religious people - at what stage in human evolution dfid the soul first make its appearance?

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author avatar spirited
24th Jul 2015 (#)

Thanks John, but maybe it's actually all the other way around.

At what stage did souls become attached to a human or to life, perhaps this was when God created Adam as the first created "real" man.

Perhaps at this stage man having evoluted up nearly enough to reach God then had a soul attached to them to then make them in the image of God, as God himself said in the bible.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
24th Jul 2015 (#)

John Welford has bowled a googly and now it is up to the third umpire - up above - to decide!

I was led to believe even animals have souls but at a lower level! I think that is unfair as we know dogs and cats have noble souls (provided they have one).

I believe we are souls born here within a human body for bare survival and then drift away and reunite with the supreme - sans rebirth - when we have fully discharged our karma.

Thanks Spirited, we all have to rely on what is handed down and some make eminent sense for the believers. Though we place human species at the apex of creation, others like birds seem to have a more carefree life while we tend to overburden ourselves and also find it difficult to coexist. So who is responsible if souls are part of God? siva

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author avatar spirited
24th Jul 2015 (#)

Thanks siva, there is a book out there called, "Even animals have a soul" by some New Age guru called Harold Klemp.

Actually it's called "Animals are soul too."

He says that animal souls can be higher souls than human souls sometimes. A master can come back into a dog for example to teach its owner more about unconditional love, for example.

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author avatar Retired
24th Jul 2015 (#)

OK - so what counts as an animal? Does this apply only to mammals, or also to fish, birds, reptiles and insects? What about amoebae and bacteria?

As for Adam, why attach such significance to a purely mythical being who never existed?

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author avatar spirited
24th Jul 2015 (#)

Adam represents the turning point perhaps when man's consciousness level had reached a high enough level for a soul to become attached to it.

There is often some truth buried within a myth somewhere, or another.

I just like to speculate for myself about these things. It makes for an interesting article I feel.

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author avatar Kingwell
24th Jul 2015 (#)

Another good post Spirited. As a clergyman friend of mine told me many years ago - 'it is all a great mystery". Blessings.

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author avatar spirited
24th Jul 2015 (#)

Thanks Kingwell,

Well I want to make that mystery part of my history!!...LOL..

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
25th Jul 2015 (#)

I have a view Spirited, our beliefs make sense only while we are here, but when we leave our body we just assimilate into reality that can be quite different.

We come here to fit into various roles to play our part but true self is hidden within and we ourselves lose track of it.

Though we feel "alive" while here some believe it is all an illusion, just a dream. Einstein said time is only for us to live out our lives but it is also an illusion - the past, present and future are all merged into now!

I agree we should chip away to unravel the mystery as best as we can - siva

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