What makes a movie or a book classic?

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Why are actually some movies regarded as classics, even when you remember a great movie of that time that you thought was better, even if it wasn't that popular? What is it?


A classic is always popular, liked by many people, it just doesn't mean that it gets viral overnight, but it must be liked by many. Just because something goes insanely popular doesn't mean people don't get sick of it, most people can watch these movies or read those books again and again without getting bored or annoyed that easily.
Like a celebrity, a movie or anything, was liked a lot.


There must be uniqueness in the story, character and the underlying message should not be the most popular one at the time it came out, uniqueness is not always guaranteed, but unique content at that time is definitely possible, it can be regarded as something different than everything that people are already talking or reading about.


Older content is regarded as classic, remember and reminiscing is a great way to make something classic, when people don't forget something for long it becomes something important and valuable.


A classic always has a moral message, which is most of the time a hidden message, it is not promotional, it fits in the story.


A story is essential,a classic focuses on a story, nothing seems to be more important. The story combines wide range of possibilities, the content and the story itself doesn't seem to repeat itself. It doesn't feel stale, everything in the story seems fresh and new.

Ahead of its time

If something is so unique and out of this world, which seems to be futuristic, seems to be unbeatable, becomes a classic if nothing of that sort comes along very soon. Like many of science fiction are regarded as classics. Nowadays, this is just not the case, most science fiction is just repetitive.

Something that was so familiar but is now lost with time

Yes, many things that we used earlier are remembered now as a classic, if there were a few channels and most of us watched them all day, if there was a company that made a particular product and was the best at it, is even remembered as classic.

Something that we miss

There is no need to explain it, we remember classics, we remember them as they are a benchmark, as they are something we all liked and knew.


Most people do not have negative opinions about classic stuff, most of them don't hate it, enough to not use it or keep from it, and even when they do, they just accept the fact that it is well known enough to just let that hate fade away. If you don't believe me, many classics were hated when they were popular, and I am sure many things like facebook, google, movies and shows today if change in some way to be better or worse will become classics. Coke is a classic drink, because it changed, many new stuff came that we like now.
Some things are hated by a lot of us, but when it is liked or used a lot the hate just fades away.

How to make something classic

I cannot be sure, but doing a lot of things is one of the best advice I can give.
Also just do what your gut tells you, a lot of times in my opinion has proven to better than trying to focus on making something the best there is, which makes you more involved on just an outcome.
Just think different, do not go with other peoples suggestions, do what you like.
There are many theories, no one knows which will surely work, otherwise you would have known him, or will know him in the future without working for it, someone can be better in an area but someone with all the knowledge to make everything bettercan be unbeatable.


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author avatar Deepizzaguy
28th Sep 2014 (#)

The reason I like a movie The Three Lives of Thomasina was due to the love the child actress had for her cat Thomasina.
I did not agree with the story that the female actress who had healing powers was called a witch by her critics.
The good part was when the father of the female child who loved the cat who did believe in a Creator since his wife had passed away came to his senses and realized the dear friendship that his daughter had with her cat. The story had a happy ending when the dad of the child who was a pet doctor was able to reunite Thomasina with his daughter. The pet doctor then married the female who healed the cat to health again. A good moral message with a happy ending is the type of movie I like. Not a bittersweet ending that Hollywood makes nowadays. Too bad The Three Lives Of Thomasina was a box office hit though. We must love pain a lot to support movies that do not have happy endings.

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author avatar vkg
29th Sep 2014 (#)

Yes I agree with you

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author avatar AjaySinghChauhan
26th Oct 2014 (#)

good post very useful and informative. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us.

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